10 Types Of Boys That Are Actually Worth Your Time

 You probably know by now that there are several kinds of boys to stay away from — for instance, the co-dependant momma’s boy, or the Peter Pan who never wants to grow up. However, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and amongst them are guys that are worth your time. Here are all the traits in a boy that are signs he’s an absolute keeper.

1. The guy who doesn’t wait to text back

There’s nothing more anxiety inducing than sending a text to a guy only to have him leave you on read for hours or even days. Instead of waiting by the phone for some insensitive jerk, find you a man who texts back right away and won’t make you freak out about if you said the wrong thing.

2. The guy that listens 

You can always tell when a man goes blank and is thinking about something else in the middle of a conversation. Even worse is the guy that looks at his phone when you’re talking to him. Instead, opt for a good listener. It’s a sign of emotional intelligence and mature, and shows that he’s not a total narcissist. 

3. A guy with goals

If your dude is happy being at a dead-end job for the rest of his life and has no foreseeable plans for the future, that could be a red flag. Wanting to grow and accomplish goals is a great trait in a guy — when the two of you share a bond and those same goals, it’ll encourage ambition and personal growth as a couple, connecting you even further.

4. A guy who sees you as an equal

If he thinks he’s smarter than you, acts condescending, or expects you to cook for him, clean for him, and do his laundry, do yourself a favor and let him go. You deserve a dude who sees you as an equal, and will fold laundry or do the dishes just as you do. Fair is fair, and a keeper will be well-aware of that. 

5. The guy that knows what he wants

This guy will cut off other girls he’s seeing as soon as he realizes you’re the one, and that’ll probably be early on. This guy is decisive, won’t leave you hanging, and follows through on his promises. He knows what he wants (you) and isn’t afraid to go get it, and do what he has to do to keep it. Always opt for the guy who knows your value. 

6. The guy that’s willing to compromise

We all make sacrifices to meet in the middle — it’s one of the biggest parts of being in a healthy relationship. Especially if you and your partner are opposites. This guy will be willing to disrupt his own life or put your needs before his, is definitely husband material. 

7. The guy that doesn’t try to be macho

Toxic masculinity is the worst, and it’s a very real problem when it comes to dating men. Go all in with the man who isn’t scared of his feelings, and can share them honestly with you. Communication skills are a major part of what it takes to make a relationship work, and this guy is willing to put in the work. 

8. The guy who doesn’t try to change you

If you truly love someone, you accept them 100%, flaws in all. In fact, their flaws might even make you love them more.  man who doesn’t want to try to turn you into something you’re not is a gem. Even the parts that he doesn’t love — he would never trade it for anything in the world, because he knows that he needs to embrace the whole package. 

9. The guy who adores you the most in a tee with no makeup

He finds you so sexy when your hair is in a haphazard bun with no makeup, in your sweats and a t-shirt. He finds you just as gorgeous and incredible in moments like these as he does when you’re dolled up and wearing your finest piece of formal wear. 

10. The guy who isn’t afraid of marriage

If a guy runs in the opposite direction when you talk about marriage after a reasonable time of dating, it’s not a great sign. But if a man is open to talking about it and doesn’t freak out, it’s worth giving him a chance. After all, he’ll see it as a future opportunity to spend his life with you, and would be happy to entertain the topic in conversation. 

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