What The Colors You Wear Say About You

 The color you wear might seem trivial, but the tone of your outfit determines your mood, attitude, and how the public perceives you. Although most of us have a favorite color, we might not necessarily wear them all the time. Here is the meaning behind each clothing color choice, and the effect that it gives off to anyone who sees you. What does the hue you choose to wear say about you?

1. Black

Black is a powerful and minimalist way to make a statement and be taken seriously. But too much black is overwhelming, and can turn into a witchy Halloween get-up fast.  With the right pop of color, black means that you are likely to be ambitious yet sensitive, with a sense of classiness and intelligence.

2. Brown

The earthiness of brown reflects a wearer of stability. It also signifies strength and reliability, which is why it’s a great professional outfit to wear, or a color when you’re meeting bae’s parents. A man in a brown suit jacket or a woman in a brown sundress gives off the vibe of cleverness and rationality. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Blue

In both interior design and sense of fashion, blue is a calming and elegant shade. It’s been worn by many FLOTUS, and there’s a reason why it’s the color of student’ graduation gowns. Blue is the color of confidence and reliability, which is also why it’s commonly chosen for workers’ uniforms. People in blue often have great parental skills and are hard workers.

4. Green

Green is a wonderful color in all its shade, from forest-toned hues to brighter, lime shades. Why do we love green so much? Because it connects us to nature, in all of its hues. For that reason, it exudes a look of peaceful happiness. If you want to embody zen and a soft heart, consider wearing this color.

5.  Purple

In pasttime, purple has represented royalty and a certain standing in society. For instance, the luxurious Queen Cleopatra was a big fan of the shade. Today, anyone can afford to wear purple. But rather than representing an exclusive member of society, today, people wearing purple are known as passionate and sensitive. They can be seen as emotional, which is sometimes a perk and at other times, a negative.

6. Red

There’s a reason psychologists say that a woman wearing red is sure to attract the most men. Red is a sign of fiery passion — it’s a straight up stimulant for dudes. Red embodies energy and excitement. Although it indicates that those who wear red are easily-excitable and a little self-centered, it also means that you’re a passionate human being with a fervour for life who others are naturally drawn to. 

7. Yellow

This is considered a bold color to wear by some, but it exudes pure happiness and laughter. After all, it’s the color of the sun! According to science, looking at the color yellow increases serotonin in our brains, and is a proven mood lifter. The color also increases concentration in the viewer, so if you want people to pay attention to you, consider this golden hue, commonly chosen by creative folks and dreamers.

8. White

Where an all black outfit indicates seriousness and can get a little heavy at time, white is the opposite. It represents levity, innocence, and freedom. White is simple. It’s a new beginning. The color white attracts people who see life with a glass-half-full mentality, and prioritize freedom. They also might find neatness and organization very important. 

9. Pink

Ah, pink, the color worn by feminine ladies and confident men with a sense of style. On more mature folks, pink is worn in less of a Barbie shade, and more in favor of light blush and Sofer tones. Wearers of pink are often romantic, love their comforts, and are focused on kindness.

10. Gray

Gray is neither black nor white, which is why it’s the perfect representation of balance. It’s not too dark, or too bright. Instead, it signifies maturity and a sense of calm, which is why many middle-aged folks wear gray. Those who wear these colors are rule-followers and generally don’t like too much attention.

11. Orange

A wearer of orange likes to party! Even though it’s often considered a hit or miss color, autumnal orange is simultaneously both warm and bright. People who wear it are cheerful, good-looking, and often perceived as high-energy creatives. While we’re naturally drawn to this ambitious, glowing presence.

Source: herbeauty.co

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