10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart

 Walmart is famous for its affordable deals, while its products are not always so. Check out the "to buy & avoid" list, and you'll easily make the best use of your budget the next time you go to Walmart.

1. Best: Pickles

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_1

It is always good to keep some pickles at home. They can be an ideal accompaniment for hamburgers or smoked meat and are also a healthy afternoon snack. We highly recommend Mt. Olive Kosher Dill pickles at Walmart. They are made in the traditional way that Jewish New York City pickle makers would use and are not too salty.

2. Worst: Peanut Butter

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_2

Peanut butter is something that most people can't leave out when it comes to breakfast. But it's not cost-effective to buy at Walmart. Though it tastes OK, it is way too expensive compared to the peanut butter sold elsewhere.

3. Best: Tea And Coffee

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_3

We may feel insecure when hot drinks like tea and coffee are about to run out at home. However, branded coffee and tea cost us more, and they are less likely to be discounted. Don't worry. Well, you can buy your favorite brand at Walmart, which can be up to 27% cheaper. Not to mention the coupons you can apply.

4. Worst: Meat

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_4

Unless you are in a hurry to get meat for an unexpected dinner, it is better to buy your ingredients elsewhere. Its meat's quality is unpredictable. Look at the Wagyu Beef RibEye Steak's suspicious price in the picture. It only makes sense if you see that kind of bargain at a butcher's.

5. Best: Ketchup

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_5

Another bargain you can't miss is the Great Value Tomato Ketchup at Walmart. Consumer Reports' survey shows that a significant 40% of blind-taste testers liked the Walmart ketchup more than the hot-selling Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

6. Worst: Rotisserie Chicken

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_6

Chicken rotisseries are generally convenient to cook, nutritious, and affordable. However, the last reason may not be the case at Walmart. For the same amount of money, you only get half the amount of rotisserie chicken you'd get at other stores. Besides, the food contains much more sodium than others.

7. Best: Great Value White Sandwich Bread

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_7

Only insiders know that The Great Value White Sandwich Bread is produced in the same bakery as many high-end brands, including Sarah Lee and Nature's Harvest. But a Great Value bread sells at just $0.88 a loaf. Never miss a bargain like this.

8. Worst: Fresh Produce

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_8

For the sake of your health, don't try things from the Fresh Produce section. Many regular customers have long been complaining about its fish and meat quality. After all, it doesn't make sense to buy things from the Fresh Produce section if they are not fresh.

9. Best: Great Value Bacon

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_9

The Krazy Coupon Lady has surveyed many blind taste-testers to find out the best bacon. The tests show that the Great Value Naturally Hardwood Smoked Bacon is tastier compared to that of Oscar Mayer.

10. Worst: Cake Mixes

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_10

Savvy shoppers don't buy cake mixes or cookie mixes at Walmart because they're not tasty, and their texture is weird. Branded cake mixes are highly recommended.

11. Best: Bottled Water

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_11

If you need to stock up on some bottled water at home, go straight to a nearby Walmart. It will cost you only $3.88 to buy a 40 pack of water. That equals 9¢ per bottle! This bargain has 4.7 stars on their website.

12. Worst: Baking Products

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_12

If you love baking yourself, we recommend that you buy ingredients such as flour, sugar, baking powder, and so on elsewhere. The products of its private brand are sold at a lower price but are also of lower quality. Therefore, to promote their private label, the Great Value, Walmart has raised the cost of products from the well-known brands.

13. Best: Laundry Detergent

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_13

Do the expensive unscented detergents ever worry you? Well, you don't have to be concerned. You can instead turn to the green and scent-free products at Walmart. Their prices are pretty competitive in the market.

14. Worst: Ground Beef

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_14

Ground beef is just another meat at Walmart that you shouldn't waste your money on. First, it's $1 more per pound than Aldi's. Second, the overpriced product has received many negative comments like "rubbery" and "full of gristle."

15. Best: Kitchen Utensils

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_15

If you want a kitchen overhaul, you can get all you want in a one-stop shopping trip to Walmart. Their Gibson Home Essential Total Kitchen Set includes all the basic utensils you need, and it costs less than $100.

16. Worst: Nuts And Seeds

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_16

Nuts and seeds are a staple of a healthy diet. They can fill us up without overloading us with calories. However, you'd better buy them in stores such as Aldi and Trader Joe's. These snacks from Walmart are priced a bit higher.

17. Best: Brand-Name Razors

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_17

You won't believe your eyes when you see the branded razors' price tags at Walmart. They're 50% cheaper than in drugstores!

18. Worst: Generic Supplements

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_18

If you have to buy your supplements from Walmart, make sure they are branded. The New York Attorney General's Office once found that its generic supplements "could not be verified as containing the labeled substance or that contained ingredients not mentioned on the labels."

19. Best: Automotive Supplies

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_19

Walmart offers oil changes, car cleaning products, and detailing kits at competitive prices. You can even get an extra discount by using coupons from $5 to $10 from Coupons.com, which only apply to Walmart's products.

20. Worst: Jewelry

10 Best And 10 Worst Things From Walmart_20

Though their prices are competitive, their quality is not. I guess your friend or partner won't be too happy to receive jewelry from Walmart.

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