10 Countries You Can Visit For Less Than $50 a Day

 10. Thailand

Thailand has remained a hugely popular destination for budget travelers over the years. The north side of the country is cheaper than Bangkok and the islands. Rooms will run you about $6-10 per day and a meal from a local restaurant just goes for $5. Local buses are cheap. Activities and sightseeing rarely run you over $15.


9. Greece

Greece remains a paradise of budget travelers for long and bargains can be found either on the islands or the mainland. The tourism decline in the past few years has dragged the low prices even lower. You can buy fresh delicious gyros for under $3 from street vendors and rooms can be as cheap as $20 a night.


8. Peru

As one of South America’s liveliest and friendliest countries, Peru is also one of the cheapest ones to travel in. Staying in a hostel can be as cheap as $10 per day and splurging for a guesthouse will only cost you $25 a night. Sit down meals are rarely over $5, and the local buses only go for around $1.


7. Romania

Romania is the perfect Eastern European country to enjoy medieval villages, castles, and beautiful countryside at half the price. During its low season, things can be even cheaper. You just need to pay around $10 for a room and $5 for most meals. Museums and galleries that make for a perfect way to explore this country charge only $5-10.


6. Portugal

Portugal is the cheapest country to visit in Western Europe. The beautiful and lively country offers beaches, wine country, historical cities, towering cliffs, etc. You can sleep in a dorm bed for about $20 a night or, even cheaper, camp as Portugal is home to campgrounds. Meals can be a little expensive, but the bigger cities such as Lisbon often offer the most affordable food choices.


5. Cambodia

Being a less explored country, Cambodia may be the cheapest on this list to visit, even cheaper than its neighboring country Thailand. It offers rich history, raw rugged beauty, great cuisine and good nightlife. A typical hostel will only cost about $8 a night and most local food $2. If you don't want to live like a king, spending $50 a day here is pressing.


4. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the least discovered countries in Central America, so experiencing picturesque towns, surfing, wildlife and volcano trekking it offers are extremely cheap. A hammock only goes for $5 and a room with a bathroom only cost $20. Mere dollars is enough for food from either street vendors or local restaurants.


3. Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful chain of islands, offering you stunning blue waters, silky sand beaches, rice terraces, jungles, etc. Be sure to avoid the touristy south and head to the rather unexplored areas instead where a room in a hostel or guest house goes for less than $4 a night and street food will only run you several dollars.


2. India

India is such a cheap country to travel in that you could survive on $20 a day. $10 a day on local Indian vegetarian food or occasional spurge on meat is enough. Rooms can be as cheap as $5 per day. Rickshaws are more affordable than local buses and taxis. More importantly, you can see 50% more money changing dollars into rupees.india.jpg


1. Turkey

Blending eastern and western culture, Turkey offers spectacular landscapes, tasty food, fantastic sights and lots of things to do for mere $50 a day. Hostels may be a little expensive costing about $20 a night, but it's often of high quality and offers a wonderful breakfast for free. Local food such as shawarmas and kebabs will only go for $2.

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