20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods

 If you're looking for a cheap way to keep your home organized, you must learn to take full advantage of the stuff in your home. Today we will show you how effective a shower curtain rod can be when trying to make things neater.

1. Add Space In The Fridge

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_1

You can mount a shower curtain rod in the fridge like the picture above shows. Instead of covering them with a dozen other packages, this will allow you to spot your food easily. Otherwise, they might expire before you even remember them.

2. DIY Gate For Babies Or Pets

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_2

You can try several stiff tension rods when you want to make a barricade to limit access to your children or pets. Although you still need to keep an eye on them, this is a relatively effective way to put your mind at rest.

3. Brilliant Way To Collect Paper Towels

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_3

Use a short tension rod in any cabinet to allow your big roll of paper towels to stay hidden when you don't need them. This method will ensure things stay neater and more organized.

4. Keep Paper Organized

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_4

It is a useful way to say goodbye to paper clutter in the office by mounting two tension rods on any desk drawer. You can then put all your paperwork between them, and this will also help you quickly find what you want.

5. Cozy Reading Nook

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_5

Kids enjoy the feeling of reading in a private place, and you can create a cozy nook for them by using two heavy-duty tension rods between the walls or furniture along with some beautiful curtains. Decorate this place according to your children's preference, and they will quickly fall in love with reading.

6. Organize Your Boards

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_6

Each family often has a number of boards and trays, and they are hard to store in a kitchen. If you stack them in a drawer, they are difficult to take out. Tension rods will help you out, and you just need to place them as shown in the picture above. 

7. Perfect Shoe Racks

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_7

This easy to make shoe rack will not only help you save money, but will also keep your shoes organized. Find two heavy-duty tension rods, and space them apart in your closet. You make it!

8. Organize Your Scarves

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_8

Nobody wants to wear a wrinkled scarf, making storing scarves a little bit difficult. Luckily, tension rods will help you solve this problem. Hang several shower curtain rings on the tension rods, and slip your scarves onto the rings. You don't need to be afraid of wearing a tangled scarf anymore.

9. Show Off Your Jewelry

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_9

Traditional jewelry boxes can make your necklaces become knotted in a big ball if you put too many of them together. Why not consider hanging your jewelry on the tension rods like this? Getting dressed will automatically become quicker and easier.

10. Organize Tub Toys

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_10

Almost every kid likes to play with toys when having a bath. Parents often need to prepare a basket to collect those toys, but a tension rod and a few small baskets will leave you more space. 

11. Orderly Pots And Pans

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_11

Each family will have more than one pot and pan, and all those together will take up a lot of your space in the cabinet. To solve this problem, you can mount a tension rod under a top wall cabinet and hang several s-hooks. Now you can arrange your pots and pans orderly fashion.

12. Coffee Station

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_12

This brilliant idea is for coffee lovers. Fix a wooden box on the wall, mount tension rods on the box, and hang your cups with s-hooks on the rods. Decorate the surrounding area, and your friends will be impressed.

13. Organize Your Purses

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_13

Most ladies can't resist the temptation of a beautiful bag, and as a result, you’ll find more and more of them at home. You should carefully store your bags, or they might get wrinkles. A shower curtain rod is a perfect tool to help you solve that particular problem.

14. Decorate Your Family

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_14

Pictures often record our memorable moments, so we love to show them to our friends. Here you can use towel curtain rods to make this family picture wall. It looks perfect, don't you think?

15. Cover Bookshelf

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_15

It's a little hard to always keep your bookshelves in order, so why not consider covering them with beautiful curtains? Again your towel curtain rods will work well on this masterpiece.

16. Festival Idea

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_16

You might spend a quite sum of money on holiday decorations every year. Next time, try to take full advantage of all the stuff in your home. For example, put up a curtain rod above your fireplace, and you can hang whatever you want in order to decorate your house.

17. A Drying Rack

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_17

A perfect way to help save your space! You can use this method to hang clothes or towels and dry them. No need for a drying rack anymore!

18. Organize Your Shower

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_18

Inspired by the way you can organize tub toys, you can also organize your shower products with tension rods and several s-hooks like the picture shows.

19. Room Divider

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_19

This is a cheap way to help you divide the room, creating a private space. Just mount a suitable-length rod between the walls or cabinets, hang curtains over it, and you’re done.

20. Litter Box Coverage

20 Genius Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods_20

Use a tension rod and some fabric to give your cat's litter box some privacy, which will also help to make your home tidier as well.

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