30 Cancer Symptoms You Shall Not Ignore

 Cancer is the second most general cause of death. It's more curable when caught earlier. Although some cancers develop totally without symptoms, some do have signs you will possibly ignore.

1. Fever

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Fever might be a sign of early cancer in the blood such as leukemia or lymphoma. Fever may reveal colon and kidney cancer at an early stage as well.

2. Weight Loss For Reasons Unknown

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Weight loss without known reasons, not through changes in diet or exercise is a common sign of cancers related to lung, stomach or pancreas.

3. Fatigue

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Extreme fatigue that doesn't get better with rest can be a symptom of several cancer types such as colon cancer, stomach cancer, or leukemia.

4. Pain

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Sometimes bone cancer or testicular cancer can cause pain. A headache that doesn't get better after long-time treatment may be a symptom of a brain tumor. Back pain may be a sign of cancer of the ovary or colon.

5. Skin Changes

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Any freckle, mole, or wart that changes its color, shape, or size should be checked for skin cancer. Other skin changes can be a sign of cancer too, including darker looking skin, reddened skin, itching and yellowish eyes and skin.

6. Change in bowel or bladder habits

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Long-term diarrhea, constipation or a change in the size of your stool can be a symptom of rectal or colon cancer. Pain when passing urine and blood in your urine can be related to bladder or prostate cancer.

7. Non-healing Sores

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Common sores usually heal quickly. If you have persistent sores in areas like your mouth, you may have cancer and should raise concerns and see a doctor.

8. Unusual bleeding

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Coughing up blood could be a sign of lung cancer. Blood in the stool can be a symptom of colon cancer. Blood in the urine can be a symptom of kidney or bladder cancer. A bloody discharge from the nipple can be a symptom of breast cancer.

9. Heartburn

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Heartburn that doesn't go away or gets worse could mean cancer of the throat, stomach, or ovaries. Excessive food, alcohol, or stress can cause serious heartburn.

10. Lump

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Most cancers can be felt through the skin. A lump that is usually hard, not painful, irregularly shaped or firmly attached deep in the soft tissue or under the skin is often caused by cancer.

11. Indigestion or Difficulty Swallowing

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Mouth or throat cancers can make the swallowing difficult. It's also a common sign of various head and neck cancers such as esophageal, oropharyngeal cancer, thyroid, and laryngeal cancers.

12. Nagging Cough or Hoarseness

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More than half of people who have a cough that just wouldn't go away are diagnosed with lung cancer. Excessive coughing is also common signs of laryngeal and thyroid cancer.

13. White spots in the mouth

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White patches in the mouth or white spots on the tongue can be leukoplakia, which is precancerous and can become mouth cancer if it's not treated early.

14. Belly Pain and Depression

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It rarely happens, but belly pain plus depression can be a sign of pancreatic cancer. But you don't need to worry unless this disease runs deep in your family.

15. Continued Itching

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Precancerous conditions of the genital or anal areas can cause persistent itching. If the itching continues with over-the-counter topical medications, consult your doctor.

16. Shortness of Breath

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Cancer in or near the lungs may cause a blockage of the tubes that carry air. Breathlessness is also common with breast cancer tumors, ovarian or liver cancer.

17. Yellowing skin

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Jaundice is yellowing of the eyes and skin. Most people with pancreatic cancer will have jaundice as one of the first symptoms. Normally, the liver releases bile which helps break down fats when ducting into the intestines. When the bile duct becomes blocked, the amount of bilirubin in the body will build up. Cancer can press on the duct and cause jaundice.

18. Excessive or spontaneous bruising

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People tend to bruise more easily because blood vessels become weaker as they age. But if you have excessive bruising in strange places, this might be an early sign of leukemia. Leukemia impairs the blood's ability to carry oxygen, and this can lead to bruising.

19. Dark urine

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Dark urine is deeper in color than urine that is yellow in color. Dark urine can be different colors, usually brown, deep yellow, or maroon. Cancer in the kidney, pancreas, or liver could cause dark urine. Any change in color of the urine not due to certain medications or foods should be reported to your doctor.

20. Nipple discharge

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If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, breast discharge is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, nipple discharge should be checked immediately, since it is the most common cancer symptom. Spontaneous nipple discharge that is not in clear color should be a warning.

21. Heavy Night Sweats

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Very heavy, drenching night sweats can indicate the earlier stages of a few cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma, and liver cancer. If you are suffering excessive sweating after bedtime, especially if the weather doesn't warrant it, check out with your doctor quickly.

22. Unexplained Anemia

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Anemia is a condition in which people don't have enough healthy, normal red blood cells. Blood loss always causes iron deficiency anemia, but unexplained anemia may be a "red flag" for cancer in the colon or rectum.

23. Poor Appetite

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According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, poor appetite can sometimes be a symptom of cancer in the colon, ovarian, stomach, pancreas, or even lung.

24. Feeling Full Quickly

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It's difficult to catch the early stages of ovarian cancer, but this disease does have a possible symptom. That's early satiety, meaning you feel full very quickly after eating only small amounts of food.

25. Changes In Your Nails

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Color or form changes in your nails may be a big indicator of lung cancer. Though it isn't easy to notice these changes, it's crucial to keep a watchful eye on and record any changes over time.

26. Changes In Lymph Nodes

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Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped glands in our body, and changes can be caused by common infections. Sometimes, swelling lymph nodes can indicate cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma. If your gland remains swollen for a month or more, go to your doctor immediately.

27. Rectal Bleeding

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Though rectal bleeding can be caused by hemorrhoids, it sometimes signals rectal cancer. This is particularly concerning when the bleeding continues. Talk to your doctor if you notice blood in your stools.

28. Joint Swelling And Stiffness

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Joint swelling and stiffness can occur when there is a tumor near or in a joint, and the tumor may indicate bone cancer. This means an individual may have a limited and painful range of movement.

29. Abdominal Weight Gain

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Abdominal weight gain, especially in your stomach area, can be a deadly disease manifesting in your body. Over a long period, abdominal bloating is the first symptom of ovarian cancer in most patients.

30. Testicular Lumps

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Though testicular cancers are less common than cancers of colon, prostate, and lungs, men still need to pay attention to its early signs. Testicles lumps are one of the early symptoms of testicular cancer. Men are advised to check for lumps once a month for the earliest detection.

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