40 Chic and Classy Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

 The nature of women won't change with age, which is to experiment with styles. But this is not so easy for seniors since they strive for more comfortable and low-maintenance hairstyles. These styles need to be proper for their age, and look stately and elegant, which is quite difficult to adhere to.

If you are one of them, don’t worry, here are 40 chic short hairstyles to inspire your next look.

1. Blonde Pixie Cut


Pixie cuts are a popular choice for senior women because of their mix of grace and youth. If you want something more than a classic cut, this would be your perfect choice since it adds texture and dimension with its choppy layers.

2. Graduated Layered Bob


Carefree, feminine and sophisticated, graduated layered bob is a great choice if you are looking for a risk-free hairstyle. Not to mention that it takes you little effort to learn how to style it.

3. Lob with Layers


This look is recommended for anyone who is looking for a voluminous hairstyle because the layers can make the hair appear fuller and thicker. Besides, it adds dimension to your hair and still allows low maintenance.

4. Angled Bob with Round Layers


Slightly angled bob that is easy to style, with over-directed round layers and a wispy fringe. Some angles can add sharpness to the curved edges and draws attention away from the aging softness in the face that most senior women may experience.

5. Youthful Angled Bob


This hairstyle is youthful, stylish and sleek! An angled bob is a hairstyle that grazes the bottom of your jaw in front and gets progressively shorter toward the back. The layers can give it serious swing and movement.

6. Layered Bob with Side-swept Bang


Fun, sassy and easy to style. Short bob hairstyles with side-swept bangs are a great way to take off a heavy weight of hair off your shoulders, while still keeping your hairstyle stylish.

7. Creative Color


Nothing makes you younger than dive in and try a bold color to dye. Here we recommend adding a variety of purple in smaller weaved sections to keep your tress soft yet fun.

8. Textured Inverted Bob


Inverted bob is what you are looking for if you’re after a low-maintenance, yet modern haircut. It’s a hairstyle with stacked layers at the back, and slightly curved lines extending towards the front. Also your hair can look both playful and current when it’s styled curly.

9. Modern Layered Bob


The best way to create shape for short hairstyle is to add layers, and it works better if you have straight hair since it gives you a modern look. You will just love this versatile and current lock.

10. Bouncy Bob


A bob cut will never be out of date, it’s elegant and classy. It perfectly transits from long mane to short hairstyles. With this lock, you can also consider illusive highlights for a modern quirk.

11. Soft Tousled Waves


A good bob hairstyle is above time. You can still make it different by tousling it a little and the end result will be incredibly classy and chic. Get yourself a good flat iron to save some styling time.

12. Short and Simple


Cropped locks are perfect for senior women since they provide texture for limp and thin hair. Not to mention the fact that they best suit slim faces because they show off high cheekbones has made them the most popular short hairstyles for women.

13. Sassy and Stacked


Enhanced with some bold nonchalant spikes on top, this pixie cut is strongly recommended to all females with oval faces and other regular facial features.

14. Wispy Silver Bob


Feminine and chic, this cut is perfect for older women with natural curly or wavy tresses. Being one of the prettiest hairstyles for senior women, it goes with any color and flatters the natural grain of your hair.

15. Blonde Balayage Bob


We vote for no more boring short hairstyles for women. Step up your classy blonde bob with the flick of an unexpected color. pep your pixie up with a slick lick of pink.

16. Edgy Pixie Bob


A bob cut is above time, it’s elegant and classy. It’s a good solution of transition from long locks to shorter hairstyles which are, however, not extremely short. Pair it with thin bangs and consider illusive highlights for a modern quirk.

17. Silver Choppy Pixie with Bangs


Silver strands can make a striking statement in short hairstyles as it can look super cool and chic at the same time. If you want it in more depth, blend in some dark charcoal hues at the roots.

18. Asymmetrical Silver Pixie


This is definitely a head-turning hairstyle for its dramatic and elegant twists created by its unexpected shape. Pair it up with some metallic color and embrace this hairstyle that perfectly shows off your cheekbones.

19. Spiked and Stylish


Short hairstyles for older females need to look modern to take years off your looks. In this hairstyle, there are side bangs and layers that could do the work and alter your tried and true pixie cut.

20. One-Length Straight Bob


One-length bob seldom goes wrong. Straight, wavy, or curly, it can be styled in different ways. It has minimal layers which could create a cute shape to your lock. You can still make the style completely in style with a modern balayage color.

21. Layered Platinum Bob


Never forget that you can always use your graying hair to your advantage by going platinum. This color will cover up your grey hair without you constantly worrying about touch ups. You can also make the lock voluminous with some piecey layers.

22. Messy Salt and Pepper Pixie


This is an effortless hairstyle that won’t cost many trips to the salon. No prep work needed, just brush and go right after you wake up in the morning. Short layers can also retain the shape of the cut as it grows out.

23. Pixie with Long Bangs

This is different from those normal pixie cuts. It has a rock and roll feel because of the chopped hair in the back and long red bangs feathered across the forehead. Choose red highlights for your bangs to finish this chic pixie.

24. Smoky gray

When reaching a certain age, your hair will inevitably go gray. It's best for you to embrace the silver wave rather than fighting against it though. But, you don't have to accept a complete natural gray. Instead try a light pastel hue and it can be blended best with your natural gray color.

25. Elegant Bob

Modern short haircuts can suit women of all ages. If you are over 50, then these hairstyles should be especially on your radar. Take, for example, this soft and elegant bob with fringes. It’s sleek and anti-aging. Combine with a light blonde hair color to take years off your face.

26. Tousled Pixie

This tousled pixie cut is perfect for women with straight hair who want to create some movement in their locks. Compared with other short haircuts, this one is low maintenance. Use some styling wax when styling it and comb the hair with your fingers. Some highlights will emphasize the different directions of your tresses.

27. Purple Beauty

This side-parted bob is perfect for women with glasses, working well to frame the face shape. Pairing such a tailored haircut with an unexpected hint of purple turns out to look amazing. As you can see, purple is a chic addition to gray hair.

28. Salt and Pepper Bob

A mixture of silver and black is natural yet gorgeous, right? Well, It is perfect for women over 50. Cut your hair short and go for an elegant bob with long feathered layers. Work some mousse into your damp hair to lift your roots and use a round brush to comb your hair backward when blow-drying it to add volume.

29. Blonde Inverted Bob

For ladies with naturally wavy locks, this inverted bob is a low-maintenance and distinct haircut to rock. The Inverted bob hairdo is all about stacking layers at the back part to create a voluminous style. Adding some blonde highlights too can take years off your face.

30. Stand-up Pixie

Low maintenance cuts are a necessity for women over 50 and a stand-up pixie cut is one of the best styles to try. Cut your hair super short at the crown and back. Leave longer bangs at the front to frame the face. Apply a styling wax on your hand to define the shorter layers and let the soft bangs sweep across the forehead.

31. Cute Curls

These adorable curls will surely take years off your face. To accentuate the texture, add some highlights, which breaks the color. It seems complex to style this haircut, but don't worry. It's actually easy to style. Be sure to use some product to tousle your ringlets, which will improve the fall of your curls.

32. Gorgeous Textured Bob

Textured layers are the best friend of women with thick hair! They can’t not create a pretty texture and fundamental structure to your haircut, plus they’re easy to style. You don't have to spend much time on styling your hair every morning. The silver color too is natural and elegant.

33. Light Blonde Bob

Jaw-length bobs have as many styling options as you can imagine and as a result are more useful than your average bob. Leave this haircut natural produces the best visual results and curling the front locks will add a finishing touch if you want to wear this style to dressier occasions.

34. Angled Layers

Angled layers can bring a fresh and youthful feeling to your look, like the one in this photo. Cut your hair in the back with a chopped and textured look. You’ll need a guide from your hairdresser though about how to style this haircut by yourself. After that though you’re free to wear this edgy balayage bob to the party!

35. Lilac Pixie

This chic, sassy and cool haircut is not just for young people anymore. No matter how old you are, you are free to try any hairstyle you love even if it's wild and bold. Cut your hair short and we know that you don't want to stop there with a normal pixie. Pick lilac highlights and break the rules!

36. Layered Bob with Movement

This chic layered bob is current and versatile and is perfect for ladies with straight and thick hair. To style it correctly, apply a volumizing mousse throughout the top area with a big round brush. Then use a spray to hold the hair in the ends while still creating movement.

37. Curly Blonde Pixie

Most pixie cuts are short and straight, but this one creates curls all over the head. These amazing curls will refresh your whole style. Especially when you are experiencing the transition to bob. Choose a shiny hair color like this golden blonde to bring a youthful air.

38. Long Pixie with Trendy Color

This gorgeous long pixie is super modern for women over 50. First, create a trendy edge for your long choppy pixie. Then, don't hesitate to try the latest hair matt blonde color trend. Combine dark roots with ashy ends to take years off your face.

39. Silver Pixie

This chic pixie has a longer top and sides than a normal one, but that can add volume to your hair visually. It’s a small change but fantastically effective, plus that silver hair color is always cool and chic.

40. Sassy Bob

Ladies over 50, if you are going to combat fine locks, this bob with layers is your best friend! Layers can add volume and create visual movement, thus making your hair seem thicker. The swoopy bangs feathered across your cheek will draw admiring glances from everyone around you.

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