7 Body Health Benefits With Aluminum Foil

 Aluminum foil has several uses around the kitchen, from covering odd shaped pots to wrapping up food while baking in the oven. But do you know that aluminum foil can help treat a wide range of ailments? Read on to learn all about the great things that aluminum foil can do for your body! 

1. Fight Fatigue

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Believe it or not, you can use aluminum foil strips to fight off the after effects of staying up all night. Cut strips of aluminum foil and place them in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Put them on your cheeks, forehead and eyelids and leave them till you feel relaxed. Once you remove the strips, you'll see the color return to your face!

2. Relieve Joint And Back Pain

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If you suffer from sciatic nerve, back pain, an aluminum foil treatment might be just what you need for some sweet relief! Simply wrap the affected area in foil, and secure it in place with some medical tape. Leave in place for 8-12 hours and repeat the process for 10 to 12 days before taking a break for a week.

3. Heal Burns

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Elements found in aluminum have a particularly powerful effect of soothing and healing the skin after a burn. To achieve instant relief after a burn, sterilize the wound and cover it with a layer of gauze, then you can wrap foil around it until the pain fades away. 

4. Recover From Cold And Flu

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Yes, you can even speed up the healing process when you get sick from a cold. Wrap your feet in 5-7 layers of foil, remembering to put a bandage or some cotton in between it and the skin. Leave it for an hour and remove after two hours. Then repeat the process two more times. You'll feel better in no time!

5. Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis

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If you are suffering from painful movements of the fingers and joints because of rheumatoid arthritis, you can now use a home remedy that is both easy and effective! Get your supply of aluminum foil from the kitchen and tear enough to wrap around your aching fingers or joints. Do this from time to time, and you will find relief from the pain soon enough. 

6. Heal Post-Surgical Scars

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Scars normally take quite some time to go away, and surgery scars can take even longer. To solve these problems, apply aluminum foil to the scar to soften the skin and make it heal and fade away much faster.

7. Treat Gout And Heel Pain

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Wearing uncomfortable shoes can have really painful repercussions such as heel pain and gout. To help reduce the pain, all you have to do is get a sheet of aluminum foil. Wrap your heels and feet with it. The stress placed on your feet and heels will be gone in no time.

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