7 Signs Of Stroke You Might Be Ignoring

 Stroke is now one of the top five causes of death in the United States. When a stroke occurs, it can take a life within minutes. By knowing the symptoms of stroke, one can be cautious and seek immediate medical attention. Check out our list of stroke signs below!

1. Blurred Vision

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Blurred vision is the most common sign of a cerebrovascular problem. As a stroke gets worse, it will turn from blurred vision to vision loss. If you experience such an issue, seek out a doctor straight away. 

2. High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension is also a common symptom of stroke. High blood pressure weakens arteries, causing them to lose their ability to carry oxygen. If your blood pressure is relatively high, avoid high-salt foods.

3. Severe Headache

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Headaches are a common ailment, and it may not always be a symptom of stroke. However, if your headache lasts more than a day and is so severe that you feel numb and can't carry out your daily activities, it could be a sign of a stroke.

4. Sudden Confusion

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Sudden confusion manifests itself in trouble speaking or understanding speech. Someone's speech may be slurred, and they may not understand what others are saying. 

5. Numbness

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Numbness in any part of the body is an important sign of a stroke because some parts of the brain are not getting enough oxygenated blood to keep it going. Sometimes people also feel a tingling sensation in their face, legs, or even in one half of their body.

6. Stiff Neck And Shoulder

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A blood vessel that ruptures in the brain will cause a stiff neck and shoulders, which is a common symptom of a stroke. When you find that your neck is so numb that you can't even move sideways, see a doctor. 

7. Fatigue And Dizziness

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Fatigue and dizziness are both symptoms of a potential stroke. If you feel persistent dizziness and imbalance, do visit your doctor. 

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