8 Ways To Easily Style A Corset

 Corsets are super trendy again these days. Celebrities are all about them, the cottage core enthusiasts have been into this for a while, and every other TikTok user has managed to get themselves a corset. And you know what? They all look great. Corsets are being seamlessly blended into modern fashion, and we love it. Because this time around, corsets are not about lacing up so tight you can’t breathe, this time around they’re a fashion statement, something to elevate your look. Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to style a corset.

1. White Shirt Dress

One of the easiest ways to style a corset is to wear it with a simple white shirt dress. It’s a no-brainer really. Especially for those who felt like a shirt dress made them look boxy before, no you get to cinch in your waist and the corset makes it look elegant and trendy.

2. With Jeans

For a casual yet sexy look just wear a corset with jeans. It’s cool enough for both a day out with friends and a fun night out. Just make sure you don’t lace it too tight. Corset tops are also a great option for this.

3. Over A Blazer

For a fun and unexpected twist, you can wear a corset over your blazer. It’s quite a power move, in our humble opinion. It’s chic, it’s unique, it’s definitely something you should try out. 

4. Business Casual

We think there’s definitely a way to incorporate a corset into your business casual attire. Whether it’s wearing a neutral/nude corset with a pair of trousers and a jumper, or actually wearing a black one to contrast the white shirt – it looks stunning either way.

5. Leather Corset

If you’re going for an edgy look, definitely consider wearing a leather corset (it doesn’t actually have to be made of real leather, as long as it looks leather). There’s just something about leather that instantly makes you look badass. So wear it with a pair of jeans, a skirt or even on top of dress, and a leather corset will do all the work for you. 

6. Over a T-shirt

One of the easiest ways to style a corset is to wear it over a t-shirt. It’s such a simple trick, but it elevates your outfit to a whole new level. Bonus points if you match the corset to the color of your T-shirt. It works with T-shirt dresses too. 

7. With A Dress

Buying dresses that have a built-in corset can really become pricey pretty quickly. But if you get one good corset, you can wear it with any dress and instantly look hella cool. 

8. Cottage Core

If you want to commit to the whole cottage core style, be our guest, more power to you. But if you’re just trying it out, know that all you really need for a cottage core esthetic is a top with puffy sleeves and a patterned (preferably floral) corset. And that’s it – you’re all set. 

Source: zestradar.com

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