Wonder Woman’s Golden Armour Explained

 All of those who were waiting for the next Wonder Woman movie has seen the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 and might be a bit confused by the golden armor. That’s not exactly what we’re used to seeing Diane wear. We’re pretty happy with her usual red white and blue superhero uniform, so why the change? It is an ode to the 80s glam where everything had to be bigger and shinier and therefore better?

Wonder Woman’s Golden Armour Explained | Zestradar

Well, to explain the golden armor we’re going to dive a little bit into Wonder Woman’s backstory in the comics. The golden armor was first featured in Elseworlds: Kingdom Come, in which a new group of superheroes rise up and their approach to being a superhero is much more violent and borderline vengeance like. Many people die in the process and America is a mess. So Superman comes out of retirement to deal with it and Wonder Woman suits up for the battle.

Wonder Woman’s Golden Armour Explained #2 | Zestradar

When Wonder Woman wears the golden armor she’s ready to fight, she’s going into soldier mode, going back to her spartan roots. She’s unstoppable and radical. Something that Superman finds really hard to witness. Eventually, he convinces Diana that it’s not the way they should be, they can’t just be the brute force they need to be compassionate and Wonder Woman agrees.

Wonder Woman’s Golden Armour Explained #3 | Zestradar

Her red blue and white uniform is a sign of a new, improved, more compassionate hero, she’s ready to protect what she believes is right but will avoid battle if possible and instead choose more peaceful ways of resolving conflicts and solving problems. The Wonder Woman we know and love in her red blue and white suit is more about wit and instincts, she’s wise, she’s resourceful but ultimately peaceful.

Wonder Woman’s Golden Armour Explained #4 | Zestradar

The golden armor only comes out in the comics when Wonder Woman needs to become a weapon, it’s her big guns, her suit of armor that makes her a soldier who will not stop until no matter what. So what’s the reason for the golden armor in the new movie? Well that’s the big secret, isn’t it? But logic is telling us she’s facing something truly big and bad.

Wonder Woman’s Golden Armour Explained #5 | Zestradar

The costume designer on Wonder Woman 1984 was inspired by Ancient Roman soldiers when creating the suit and we can definitely see it in the design. They went through multiple versions until they settled on this one. Apparently in the sun, this suit looks almost like fluid gold, it doesn’t limit Wonder Woman’s movement, it makes her stronger. After all, this is what Wonder Woman wears in her biggest and hardest battles so it better be comfy and impressive.

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