6 Best Exercises All Short Girls Need

 We all come in different shapes and sizes. As women, some of us may be of significant height, while others may be a bit on the shorter side. One aspect of being short is how weight gain can affect short girls differently. A taller woman may gain weight and it may be less noticeable because it is distributed across more height. But a shorter woman may gain a small amount of weight, and it may more significantly change her shape. Because of this there are certain exercises that can help shorter women maintain the figure they desire. This is not to say that any shape is not beautiful — all curves are gorgeous! But if you find that you may gain more weight than what you prefer for your height, then these exercises may be for you. Check out these 6 best exercises all short girls need. 

Waist Slimmers

These exercises are great for slimming down the waist. You may not even need that waist slimmer after you’ve incorporated these exercises on a regular basis. This comes in handy with women who are of a shorter height. These exercises will encourage your waist to stay trim. They include side plank hip drops, standing wood chops, Russian twists, and double leg circles. You can also try plant taps, windmills and Thai planks. 

Better Posture

One way to improve your shape is to start with one thing that many people seem to forget: posture. It is very easy to neglect posture, but it will make a huge difference in your physique. Correcting your posture will even give you a little bit more height once you stop stooping and drooping. Try exercises like heartbeats, half cobra pushups, geckos, bird dogs and wing rolls. You can also incorporate U palms, swimmers, and parachuters.  

Make Yourself Look Taller

If you can’t make yourself taller in real life, then use a couple of workout hacks to make yourself look taller. There are certain exercises that will actually give you the appearance of a taller height. You would be surprised just how much you can make yourself looking inches taller without needing to throw on a pair of high heels or platforms. 

Carve Out Those Curves

These exercises are great for achieving beautiful curves if you are a short girl. This will help you build up strength in your glutes, hips and upper body. Trying out these exercises will build curves while you slim your waistline. One of the exercises involves lying on your side with lifting one leg up above your hips and head, and then lowering them back down. 

Keeping Consistent At Home

One of the most important aspects of a workout regimen is consistency. You can try all sorts of exercises that are meant to be effective. But if you don’t stick with them, you’ll never see results. These simple exercises show you how to keep up the good work from the convenience of your home. 

Add Some Inches With Yoga

One thing that many people don’t know is that if we stretched our bodies and were fully activating our posture and spinal structure, we may have a few extra inches of untapped height. One of the best ways to work on this is to incorporate yoga into your regimen. Yoga will keep you stretched and limber, and help you correct your posture over time. It will even give you the illusion of looking taller. Try adding in some yoga on a weekly basis. Or if you have more time, try to squeeze in a short yoga session to start your morning routine so that you move through your day stretched and relaxed. 

Source: herbeauty.co

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