9 Breakfast Foods That Celebs Swear By

 Celebrities have busy schedules — sometimes, they need to start their day with more than just coffee. From athletes who face rigorous training to actresses who want their skin to glow as much as possible, stars put more thought into breakfast than you’d think. These morning food choices are diverse, but they’re all high in nutrition and easy to digest. Plus, they look absolutely delicious. 

Skipping breakfast for a cup of java might be tempting, but doing so can lead you to snack on foods that are high in sugar and fat. Here are all your favorite celebs and their favorite breakfasts to start the day with. 

1.Kourtney Kardashian — Avocado Smoothie

If you’ve ever watched KUWTK, you probably know that this family is obsessed with pureeing avocados. Avocado smoothies are a creamy and decadent alternative to chocolate milkshakes. They’re packed with potassium and vitamin K. Kourtney mixes hers with cashew milk, protein powder, MCT oil, and dates or honey blended with Maca powder.

2. Selena Gomez — Granola and Greek Yogurt

There’s nothing wrong with a delicious breakfast parfait! This wholesome meal is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals thanks to the addition of Greek yogurt. It’s filling and even has good bacteria that will benefit your gut. While granola can be high in calories, you can always portion out a smaller serving size or swap it for fresh berries. 

3. Shailene Woodley — Bone Broth

Shailene Woodley is always glowing due to her extremely holistic diet, which includes bone broth, a nutritious superfood. Bone broth can help with leaky gut and is a fantastic alternative cereal or eggs, especially if you’re not a fan of solid foods for breakfast. Swap your coffee for a steaming cup of collagen-rich bone broth and your body will thank you!

4. Reese Witherspoon — Green Smoothie

Ok, this isn’t the most revolutionary breakfast meal, but a lot of people don’t meet their daily quota for greens, because you need to eat a heaping pile of it and that’s not exactly appealing. Instead, Reese gets her daily fill with this tasty and healthy recipe, which consists of two whole heads of lettuce, a quarter cup of spinach, pear, apple, celery, banana, and an entire lemon — including the seeds! She also adds coconut water and almond butter. 

5. Chrissy Teigan — Eggs

Celebrities also eat normal people breakfast food, like Ms. Teigan here. She apparently eats eggs every single day and has an affinity towards a “farmer’s breakfast” as she calls it. The protein-packed ingredient is a breakfast classic, and there’s no shame in going with the classics! If you’re watching calories, consider an egg white omelet instead. 

6. Kristen Bell — Matcha and Pea Protein Milk

Move over almond milk and cashew milk — pea protein milk is the latest dairy-free alternative that you need to try ASAP.  A matcha latte contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s one of the only complete protein sources, as opposed to incomplete veggie-based sources of protein like beans and grains. Matcha tea is caffeinated and also high in antioxidants. 

7. Jessica Biel — Paleo Pancakes

If you were wondering if pancakes can be healthy, the answer is yes! Jessica Biel upgrades her with a gluten, dairy and wheat-free paleo version that’s packed with coconut and a healthy swap for peanut butter — Biel suggests almond or cashew. The breakfast helps promote better digestion and lifted energy. Just maybe keep an eye on how much syrup you pour on top and perhaps swap for honey.

8. Gabby Douglas — Oatmeal with Banana

If there’s one breakfast routine you can trust, it’s that of an Olympic champ. Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas is used to needing a meal that will keep her focused on all day, and some oatmeal with fresh fruit definitely does the trick. Oats are a notorious bad cholesterol reducer, and they’re also high in fiber. Eating oatmeal can encourage healthy blood pressure and better digestion, while bananas can improve blood sugar levels and help with exercise recovery.

9. J.Lo — Protein Smoothie

Maybe this is the secret to why she looks so radiant and identical to how she looked decades ago.  Each morning, Jennifer Lopez preps a protein-filled smoothie filled with bananas, milk, spinach, and sunflower or almond butter. At an event in the Bronx, she even showed off her smoothie technique.  The singer and actress says that the recipe is ideal for gaining muscle mass while losing weight.

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