6 Great Chicago-Born Food Chains That Everyone Loves

 Garrett Popcorn

Garrett Popcorn is hand-made for the duration of the day in old-fashioned copper pots utilizing just the most astounding quality ingredients. It is an tempting convention for Chicagoans and guests alike, including sweet and salty popcorns that will make them return for more. Its flagship store opened in 1949 on Madison Street in the heart of the city's downtown and is currently flanked by some of the city's most sizzling vacation destinations.


Harold’s Chicken Shack

Harold's Chicken is a chain of broiled chicken restaurants found primarily in Chicago, Illinois, especially on its South Side. Harold's has been a Chicago South Side establishment for a long time and is known for its particularly arranged chicken. Harold's wings, chests and drumsticks are southern style as requests are being put. That implies longer waiting time than other places, however it additionally implies an all the more crisp, tasty bit of chicken. Harold’s mild sauce is also a perfect complement to the chicken.



Portillo's is an American food chain that serves Chicago-style food. The company was established by Dick Portillo in 1963 in Villa Park, Illinois, under the name The Dog House and it has expanded since. It serves burgers, chicken sandwiches, pasta and chili cheese dogs and also what may be the menu’s highlight: its famous chocolate cake. If you want an authentic Chicago experience with a hot dog and delicious chocolate cake, Portillo’s is the perfect place to be!


Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria is the home to the best pizza in Chicago. Their signature Chicago-style profound dish pizza is made using a formula that has been passed on through the eras. Today, Lou Malnati's is perceived as a standout amongst the most famous and best restaurants in Chicago. What's the secret? Flaky outside layer, tomatoes from California, and obviously, hills of cheddar imported from Chicago's neighbor toward the north, Wisconsin.


Al’s Italian Beef

The historical backdrop of Al's first Italian Beef Restaurant goes back to 1938 when Al Ferrari and his sister and brother by marriage, Frances and Chris Pacelli, Sr., developed the first idea and formula for the first Italian meat sandwich. Al's beef is dry cooked in a mix of flavors before being layered onto Italian bread. It's then finished with "Sauce" (truly only a light, delightful sauce). The menu highlights other standard fare, yet the Italian meat sandwich is the genuine draw.


Giordano’s Pizzeria

Situated in Chicago, Giordano's Famous Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza has been serving its world-renowned pizza since 1974, when organizers and worker siblings Efren and Joseph Boglio presented their mom's full pizza recipe to Chicago. Today, Giordano's serves up what is generally considered by some (NBC, CBS Chicago, New York Times) to be one of the most perfect pizzerias in city that has practical experience in the dish. What distinguishes Giordano's from all the rest is its rich, cheddar stuffed outside layer, a creation that Mama Giordano developed.

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