The 10 Most Beautiful College Campuses In America

 10. Furman University - Greenville, South Carolina

Furman University’s attractive campus has had the honor of being listed among the United State’s most beautiful Campuses by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). Walking through the school, it’s easy to see why: 750-acre wooded grounds spread over the campus and the beautiful lake circles, and iconic views of the campus Bell Tower are a must see. The campus also offers miles of walking trails and even an 18-hole golf course. Among the outstanding buildings, the James B. Duke encourages study, research, and community. The rustic lakeside cabin is one of the real points of interest. It is a replica of Henry David Thoreau’s and built by students to better comprehend and connect with his classic Walden.


9. Stanford University - Stanford, California

The 8,180-acre campus nestled in the San Francisco Peninsula Features stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. Here, lines of trees offer an approach to expanses of lush lawn and appealing flowerbeds. At the head of the quad is the Stanford Memorial Church, which Stanford itself depicts as “the university’s architectural crown jewel.” The church was brought about by Boston-based Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge (nowShepley Bulfinch) modeler Charles A. Coolidge and was done in 1903. Byzantine and Romanesque details abound, and the magnificent multicolored mosaic on the façade was designed by Italian company Salviati & Co.. Stanford University was founded in 1885, with the general design of its campus coming courtesy of prominent Boston landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.


8. University of Washington -Seattle, Washington

“Snow-capped mountain views in an urban setting is already a sweet deal. And in Seattle, the University of Washington offers this and more.” - This is what Forbes says of the University of Washington’s campus. Yes, it is undoubtedly a draw to see both the awe-inspiring Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Range on its 703-acre grounds. From the spring cherry blossoms that grace the campus quad, to the imposing Tenino sandstone Denny Hall, conceived by Charles Saunders in the French Renaissance Revival style and built in 1895, there is an attraction all over the site. The school rocks plenty of excellent buildings including the notable Suzzallo Library and impressive, glass-fronted Paccar Hall. Suzzallo features 35-foot high stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings that soar up to 65 feet in the air. Paccar Hall puts a modern twist on the campus with its unique levels and abundance of light it lets in and out.


7. Lewis & Clark College -Portland, Oregon

There are many attractive schools in the Pacific Northwest, but none one can claim the title of “prettiest campus” like Lewis & Clark can. With an extraordinary view of Mt. Hood, the campus will inspire its students to get outside. The 137- acre campus is set at the top of a hill, surrounded by plentiful woods, and attached by the Tryon Creek State Natural Area, which has inspired the college to continue “green” efforts working to make architectures on campus LEED certified. The unique building design of the campus has been named the best by design specialists and, also one of the prettiest campuses by the Princeton Review.


6. Dartmouth College -Hanover, New Hampshire

Befitting a prestigious Ivy League school, Dartmouth College has a beautiful campus. Indeed, previous U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower is said to have commented of Dartmouth’s grounds,” This is what a college is supposed to look like.” Students are more likely to be happy here. This could be because of the fresh mountain air, verdant spaces, the magnificent surroundings they live in, and the sense of community that is felt here. Founded in 1769, the school has a long and illustrious history. It is the ninth oldest college in the country. All of the history buffs must be excited to check out Wentworth and Thorton Halls, two of the original campus buildings of Dartmouth constructed in 1820.


5. Rollins College -Winter Park, Florida

Nestled outside of Orlando, Florida, Rollins College sits along the banks of stunning Lake Virginia, which leads to some breathtaking views. Add in lavish gardens, overhanging trees, the greenhouse oasis, rose gardens and pedestrian pathways that run through the scenery and you have a really pretty spot to study. This small private college boasts great year-round warm climate and keeping with the Florida lifestyle, for example, something called “Fox day”, a time of year when all students are allowed to miss class and enjoy the local community.


4. Berry College -Mount Berry, Georgia

Boasting over 27,000 acres of Mt. Berry, Berry College holds the honor of having the world’s most sizable contiguous college grounds. This huge expanse holds a wealth of meadows, woodlands, streams, horse, bicycle, and foot trails, and even deer, whose number may be as much as 2,500. A lot of fountains and reflection pools are located around the buildings, which offer a serene and relaxing environment. Of the buildings on the grounds, Ford Auditorium, an English Gothic-style building, is most eye-catching. Though the English Gothic-style buildings give the campus an elegant European air, they only add more beauty and character to this campus. Make sure to check out the Ford Dinning Hall and Ford Auditorium to see some of the most beautiful architectures here.


3. University of Hawai’i at Mānoa -Honolulu, Hawaii

Located in a wealthy residential area of Honolulu, University of Hawai’I at Mānoa, which is the flagship grounds of the University of Hawaii, is really an attractive place to visit. The 320-acre grounds are full of spectacular natural scenery. The campus is surrounded by lush green tropical foliage, bright beautiful flowers, wide walking paths throughout the campus. Rainbows are also often seen here thanks to the area’s showery climate. Among clusters of palm trees are some pretty buildings, such as Hawai’I Hall, which was done in 1912. As the earliest permanent architecture on the grounds, the hall now acts as an academic services and administrative center.


2. Cornell University -Ithaca, New York

The small town of Ithaca, which is close to the picturesque Cayuga Lake, is the site of Ivy League school of Cornell. Breathtaking natural views are available to visitors. The campus is lying on twenty three hundred acres of land that includes gardens, lakes, waterfalls, plentiful trees, generally stunning greenery and many more. From historic to modern and dramatic, the buildings of Cornell create a perfect landscape. One of the most impressive structures is beautiful Bailey Hall, which is also the most sizable auditorium of Cornell University. Bailey is a Greek Revival-style architecture that was built in 1912 to a blueprint by Cornell alumnus Edward Green. Cornell University was founded in 1865 and donated by onetime state senator Ezra Cornell.


1. Elon University -Elon, North Carolina

Elon University has been named the prettiest campus by The New York and The Princeton Review for its classic collegiate architecture. The high praise is not surprising. The 525-acre college is the quintessential Southern campus, bursting with colonnades in front of red brick buildings and covered by the practically Photoshopped lawns that are classified as a botanical garden. Impressive architectures such as Alamance Building that opened its doors in 1925 mix with lovely features like Fonville Fountain. Located in the center of North Carolina, Elon is also a hot site for films, for example. Spike Lee’s He Got Game has been shot in the campus.


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