12 Surprising Benefits Lemons Can Do for You

 Lemons are an indispensable ingredient for cooks. But the magic power of lemons does not stop in the kitchen. What else can you do when life gives you lemons? Here are 12 awesome uses we have collected for you. Check them out!


1. Remove odor from refrigerator

Nasty odors in the fridge can be disgusting and really put you off your food; but how to get rid of them? In fact, you can use lemon to conquer the odor and make your fridge smell fresh.  All you need to do is to cut a lemon into slices and place the sliced lemon on the shelves of the fridge. The odor-absorbing property of the lemon will help remove the bad smells. However, remember to replace the lemon at least once a week. Otherwise, it will rot. 


2. Mildew remover 

What is worse than finding mildew on your clothes in storage?  I can say, without exaggeration that finding mildew on a piece of beloved clothing can break a woman’s heart, especially when she can no longer purchase a similar piece. However, before you decide to throw them away, try to use some lemon juice to remove the mildew. Mix lemon juice with salt and rub the paste onto the affected areas. Then have the clothes dry in the sunlight. You may have to repeat the whole process before the mildew stains are totally gone. 


3. Keep kitty out

Have you ever been bothered by the presence of a neighborhood cat in your yard? Or even if you are a cat keeper, have you ever been bothered that your cat sometimes scratches your furniture or gets into places such as your kitchen or baby room? The easiest solution: add some lemon juice in a bottle and spray the areas that they are not welcomed in. You will find it really works as the scent of a lemon is repulsive to cats


4. DIY wedding place-card holders 

Are you tired of the wedding place-cards sold on Amazon? Why not make a unique DIY one by using a lemon! This fresh yellow fruit would probably work well. 


5. Skin brightener 

Lemons cannot solve all your skin problems overnight, but they do have beauty benefits when used over time. Directly apply lemon juice mixed with honey to your face. Leave the paste on your skin for about 20 minutes and wash off with clean water. This homemade face mask will have the ability to lighten dark spots and acne scars on your face as the Vitamin C in the lemon is a fantastic antioxidant. 


6. Refresh and clean kitchen items

In the kitchen, we use cutting boards to chop up fish, garlic and onions. No wonder they sometimes smell funky! Lemons to the rescue? Absolutely! Rub half a lemon over your cutting board after you’ve washed it. Let the cutting board sit for about 30 minutes and then rinse the juice off. This handy trick also applies to other wooden kitchen products. Have a try! Don’t let your kitchen items be hotbeds for bad odors and bacteria


7. Teeth whitening

Are you worried about the colour of your teeth? Are they yellow? Stained? Don’t panic, you are not alone. An unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking and eating junk food, can easily cause yellow teeth. Here is one convenient home remedy you can try: mix baking soda with fresh lemon juice and gently brush your teeth with the mixed paste. Of course, it can’t cause your teeth to sparkle instantly, but sticking with it will have a teeth-whitening effect. 


8. Respiratory problems 

If you struggle with respiratory problems such as asthma, start your day with lemon water! The abundant Vitamin C found in the lemons can effectively reduce airway inflammation and boost the immune system, which is important for preventing asthma attacks and lung diseases. 


9. Whiten nails

White nails look neat and healthy, but abuse of nail polish or exposure to dirt over a long period can easily make your nails turn yellow. A super simple and cheap method to whiten your nails is to soak them in a paste made from lemon juice and olive oil. Believe it or not, lemon juice has been used for nail care for centuries due to its acidity. 


10. Natural deodorant 

Having stinky armpits is really embarrassing, and the search for a healthy deodorant can be a frustrating process. Luckily, lemons can help. Rub half of a lemon on your armpit. Leave the lemon juice there for five minutes before you wash it off. The fresh smell of the lemon will prevent bad smells for hours. 


11. Keep faucets shiny 

Some people are concerned that synthetic chemicals in the commercial faucet cleaner may do harm to their hands. But what is the alternative? The Lemon! Just cut a lemon into half and scrub the faucet with the cut side the lemon. The excellent cleaning power of lemon juice will remove the hard water stains, and your faucet will look bright. 


12. Natural preservative

Rich in ascorbic acid and citric acid, Lemon juice has been widely used as a natural preservative for a long time. You can preserve potatoes, apples, pears and cauliflower from browning by adding lemon juice to them. You can also use lemon juice to keep guacamole and pesto green

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