What Is The V-Line A medical procedure: All that You Want To Be familiar with This Well known Celeb Technique

While the BBL is certainly the most sought after body strategy, with regards to the face, it appears as though individuals are hoping to modify their facial structure with the famous V-Line jaw a medical procedure. In the event that you feel like your jaw doesn't look the manner in which you need it to, this is a famous technique that can give a clear cut, smooth facial structure that can give some serious va-boom and transform you into a moment force to be reckoned with — all things considered, numerous big names appear to have gotten this medical procedure.

What is  V-line jaw surgery?

Ultimately, it involves slimming and contouring the lower portion of the jaw. It involves altering the mandible bones, jaw angles and chin, making for a dramatic transformation. South Asian surgeons first came up with this term as it is very popular in that part of the world.

Should I get V-line jaw surgery?

Many people choose to get this surgery because they feel as though they have a broad jaw or a short chin, which can widen the appearance of an individual’s face. This procedure can help soften up that area and give it a more slender appearance. 

Who is eligible to get V-Line surgery?

Not sure if you need it or not? Most commonly, it’s done by anyone with a square or U-shaped jaw, a double chin that can’t be fixed with weight loss, cheeks that are bloated or chubby, and a masculine jaw shape, since this surgery has a softening effect.

What are the different methods for carrying out V-line jaw surgery?

There are several ways to complete this process.

  1. T-shaped Osteotomy: The surgeon cuts horizontally and then vertically, making a “T” shape to narrow the chin.
  2. Inverted “V” Shape Osteotomy: The most advanced method used by the wealthy, this method can help reduce the height and width of the chin. This is done through an inverted cut and nothing else.
  3. Horizontal Osteotomy: A conventional method to reduce the chin, the chin is cut horizontally. A common procedure for those with long chins.
  4. L-Shape Shift: Ideal for protruding skin, this method involves cutting the chin bone horizontally, while excess bones are trimmed and fixed below the skin. 

Risks and benefits of getting V-line surgery

The benefits of getting this done include reduction of the jaw’s width and length, shaping of a short/square chin to add definition, contouring of the mandible and correction of a prominent or asymmetrical chin. 

However, like any other surgery, this one has risks. This can include nerve injury, jaw fracture, infection, loss of blood, jaw pain and relapse into the initial, pre-surgery position. Some people also experience difficulty eating and have issues with bite fit. If there are problems, further surgical intervention may be required. 

What procedures work well with V-line jaw surgery?

Although it’s a surprise to some, this surgery is often recommended in conjunction with other procedures. Some of these include eyelid surgery and nasal surgery, which are often completed together. 

What type of results are expected after getting the V-line procedure?

Your jaw profile may get sharper and more contoured. Your jaw will have a reduced width/length and you may also experience a more defined and slender look as well.

How much does V-line surgery cost?

It’s not cheap – a standard surgery can cost as little as 5,500 and as much as 10,000 in Korea. In the United States, it can be up to five times higher which is why Americans often flock to Asia to get the surgery.

Does jaw surgery require braces all the time?

In the majority of cases, jaw surgery can require braces before surgery and during the recovery process.

Now that you have this info, you can weigh the pros and cons of this procedure as well as discuss it with loved ones who are searching for details about it. Each procedure will look different based on the requirements of the person. While it can provide the aesthetics you’re looking for, it can also cause issues with nerves and joints while causing potential infections and posing other risks like making eating painful. Additionally, it’s quite a hefty cost unless you have an impressive income or savings account, so weighing your pros and cons carefully is important. 

And while this procedure can certainly be empowering to some, it’s important to remember that beauty is diverse and all kinds of chins and lower jaws are beautiful! If you’re comfortable in your own skin, more power to you. After all, the world is always changing its definition of what’s beautiful.

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