In the tremendous universe of financial exchange, it is not difficult to get mistaken for every one of the complexities of exchanging. Luckily, various stages have arisen because of the headway of innovation, that can work on your venture process. In this article, we will take a gander at the best stock exchanging applications for fledglings. Whether you're another financial backer or simply need to get familiar with the nuts and bolts, you can get all the data you really want for making monetary progress.

Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

Numerous people in their 20s and 30s are progressively getting keen on stocks nowadays. As a matter of fact, the quantity of demat accounts flooded to 11 crores in January 2023, up from 8.4 crores simply a year prior — an eminent 31% increment. Separating it month to month, January saw an expansion of 22 lakh new records, contrasted with 21 lakhs in December, 18 lakh each in October and November, and 20 lakhs in September.

On the off chance that you're a rookie to effective money management, venturing out into the universe of securities exchange during this period of life can be a splendid move for your monetary future. However, with a plenty of applications accessible for effective financial planning, picking the right one can overpower. To assist with working on your hunt, we've gathered a rundown of the top speculation applications for fledglings.

1. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite
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Zerodha’s trading platform, Zerodha Kite, stands out with its sleek and user-friendly design, making trading accessible from anywhere. It is known for being the easiest-to-use trading application in the Indian stock market. It’s designed to cater to both beginners and advanced traders, offering a wide array of features. Traders using Kite can enjoy a comprehensive market watch, an extensive range of charts with over 100 indicators, and advanced order options like cover orders and GTT orders, providing a holistic trading experience.


  • Access multiple MarketWatch options for comprehensive market insights.
  • Utilize advanced charting capabilities offering over 100 indicators and six different chart types for a detailed analysis of market trends.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a Floating Order window for seamless order placement and management.
  • Explore advanced order options such as Brackets, featuring trigger entry and cover with limit entry for strategic trading.
  • Experience efficient searching with a universal instrument search function, allowing you to instantly access information on over 90,000 stocks and F&O contracts.
  • Stay updated with live ticks, quotes, and order alerts to make timely and informed trading decisions.
  • Leverage integrated tools like Quant for fundamental analysis using behavioral analytics, enhancing your investment strategies.
  • Seamlessly connect with other investment apps developed by Zerodha partners for a comprehensive investment experience.


  • You can use and understand up to 10 local languages effortlessly.
  • The interface is designed to be easy to use and looks sleek.
  • Utilize Quant for in-depth fundamental analysis using behavioral insights.
  • Integrate with other apps seamlessly for a comprehensive trading experience.
  • Enjoy a convenient and efficient funds transfer process.
  • Access TradingView charts and ChartIQ for a detailed analysis of the market.

2. Angel One

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Angel One, a prominent player in the Indian retail brokerage arena, stands out for its comprehensive services. They provide a gamut of investment and trading options, encompassing stock and commodity broking, investment guidance, margin funding, loans against shares, and distribution of financial products. Angel One is well-known for its top-notch trading software and exceptional investment advice. Despite being a respected full-service broker, they extend discount brokerage rates to their clientele.


  • Stay updated with real-time market information.
  • Receive personalized advice to guide your investment decisions.
  • Utilize intraday charts with various indicators for analysis.
  • Manage multiple watchlists tailored to different market segments.
  • Seamlessly transfer funds online for convenient transactions.
  • Make payments through UPI for added ease and efficiency.
  • Access comprehensive reports for your Ledger, DP, and Funds.


  • We offer comprehensive brokerage services at incredibly affordable rates.
  • Our flat fee stockbroker charges only Rs 20 per order, regardless of the segment or exchange.
  • Beginners can benefit from training and personalized guidance.
  • Take advantage of margin trading and use securities as collateral.
  • Enjoy fee-free NEFT and fund transfers.
  • For intraday square-offs and call & trade, we only charge Rs 20.
  • Receive expert advice and tips on stocks and mutual funds without any additional cost.

3. Upstox

Upstox App
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Upstox is a cutting-edge brokerage firm in India that focuses on leveraging technology to offer affordable trading opportunities. They provide trading options across various segments including equities, commodities, currencies, futures, and options through their user-friendly platforms called Upstox Pro Web and Upstox Pro Mobile. Upstox Pro is a subscription-based service catered to traders, granting access to trading in equity F&O, equity intraday, commodities, and currency derivatives.


  • Effortlessly search for specific stocks with our universal search tool.
  • Trade stocks, futures, options, and currencies all in one convenient platform.
  • Utilize robust charting tools featuring 100+ technical indicators for insightful analysis.
  • Customize charts with various intervals, types, and drawing styles to suit your preferences.
  • Execute trades directly from the charts for a seamless trading experience.
  • Set unlimited price alerts and receive instant updates tailored to your preferences.
  • Personalize and manage an unlimited number of watchlists to track your favorite assets.
  • Stay updated on your selected securities with real-time market feeds.
  • Access predefined watchlists, including the Nifty 50 and other prominent indices.


  • Online account opening is absolutely free.
  • Enjoy a flat Rs 20 brokerage fee per trade for all market segments (delivery, intraday, and F&O).
  • No additional charges for using trading software.
  • Access advanced order types like AMO, CO, SL, and GTT.
  • Benefit from Margin Trading Facility (MTF) with a daily interest rate of Rs 20 for every Rs 40,000 slab.
  • Secure Margin Against Shares.

4. Motilal Oswal Trader

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Motilal Oswal is a prominent stock brokerage firm in India, boasting an extensive presence with branches and sub-brokers in over 1700 locations. They offer a diverse array of financial products, including equities, mutual funds, life insurance, initial public offerings (IPOs), bonds, currency trading, and Portfolio Management Services (PMS). Notably, they allocate a substantial portion of their revenue, approximately 10%, to research initiatives. As a result, their research papers are highly regarded for their quality and insight.


  • Enjoy a lifetime of free equity intraday trading.
  • Avail the first month of FnO brokerage free, up to Rs 1,000.
  • Diversified investment options including stocks, derivatives, commodities, currencies, and mutual funds.
  • Invest in shares of unlisted companies through our PMS services.
  • Utilize up to 4X margin on select stocks to maximize your capital.
  • Access free daily expert research and advisory calls, with a dedicated Personal Advisor to assist your investment journey.
  • Explore the Options Store for multi-leg options strategies, powered by expert insights and AI algorithms.
  • Access MO Exclusive Smallcase, expert-curated small cases designed for beginners.


  • Receive comprehensive stock analysis and recommendations at no cost.
  • Enjoy responsive customer support through emails and calls for any inquiries.
  • Access in-depth research reports, market insights, and sector analyses for informed investment decisions.
  • Utilize our strategy builder to enhance your trading approach and execute complex option strategies effectively.

5. 5paisa

5Paisa Website
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5paisa is a go-to platform for various financial investment options, catering to the needs of retail investors in India. As a prominent online stockbroker, it stands out by providing discounted brokerage services. Through 5paisa, investors can engage in online trading across equity, commodity, and currency markets on BSE, NSE, and MCX. Notably, they employ a straightforward flat-rate model, charging a fixed brokerage fee of Rs 20, regardless of trade size, segment, or exchange.


  • Easily open a paperless account for free within just 5 minutes.
  • Enjoy the lowest DP charges in the market.
  • Access a multilingual trading app for your convenience.
  • Use our free trading platform, which includes mobile app, website, and desktop terminal with no software fees.
  • Get stock investment ideas and research tools at your disposal.
  • Explore algo trading and Robo Advisory services.
  • Access free technical, derivative, and fundamental research and advice for an additional fee.


  • 5paisa caters to every level of investor, whether you’re a beginner, an experienced investor, or a professional trader.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an all-in-one account to invest in stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and currency, alongside access to research and advisory services.
  • Access free technical, derivative, and fundamental research using their advanced trading platform, designed to meet the needs of traders.
  • Access complimentary stock research and receive valuable advisory services.

6. IIFL Markets

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IIFL stands as a leading full-service stockbroker in India, highly regarded for its top-notch advice, personalized assistance, and utilization of advanced technology. They excel in providing online trading and research-based advisory services, covering a wide spectrum of financial offerings such as Stocks, Derivatives, Commodities, Insurance, FDs, Loans, IPOs, and Bonds. Their brokerage plan is straightforward, offering trading at a flat rate of Rs 20 per executed order across various segments, including equity delivery.


  • They are a full-service broker with a widespread branch network throughout India.
  • Access to free research and recommendations for equities and mutual funds.
  • Their top-notch trading platform, ‘Trader Terminal,’ stands out in the industry.
  • Conveniently trade equities, commodities, and currencies all in one place.
  • Each account comes with a dedicated Relationship Manager for personalized trading guidance.
  • Offering a diverse array of financial products, including stocks, derivatives, bonds, IPOs, mutual funds, Corporate FDs, and Insurance.
  • IIFL Securities is a publicly traded company, listed on both BSE and NSE.


  • Access a diverse range of over 20 investment options.
  • Unlock up to 4 times margin trading capability.
  • Utilize powerful research tools and receive tailored recommendations.
  • Simplify investments with one-tap functionality, automated trading, and more.

7. Groww

Groww Stocks website
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Groww is a brokerage firm that provides online discount brokerage services for investing in Equities, IPOs, and Direct Mutual Funds. The platform also offers investment options like Equity trading, Digital gold, US Stocks, and Fixed Deposits. When it comes to brokerage charges, Groww levies the lower of Rs 20 or 0.05% per executed trade, ensuring a maximum brokerage fee of Rs 20 per order, regardless of the quantity or amount. One notable feature is Groww’s provision of free Mutual Fund services, where there are no charges for investing in or redeeming mutual funds.


  • Enjoy direct mutual funds with no commission fees.
  • Trade with a maximum brokerage charge of just Rs 20 per transaction.
  • Swift and paperless online account setup for hassle-free access.
  • Stay informed through educational blogs and informative eBooks.
  • Easily switch from external regular mutual funds to direct mutual funds.
  • Diversify your investments with US Stocks, Digital gold, and Corporate FD options.


  • Trade with ease at a straightforward cost of Rs 20 per trade.
  • Start trading without any account opening charges or annual maintenance fees for your Demat account.
  • Experience a seamless and quick paperless account setup process.
  • Opt for Direct Mutual Funds to boost your returns by an additional 1.5%.
  • Diversify your investments with the opportunity to invest in digital gold online.
  • Access SME shares for trading opportunities.
  • 8. FYERS

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    Fyers is a brokerage firm in India that provides trading services in Equity Cash, F&O, and Currency Derivatives segments on the NSE. They are known for their cost-effective approach, offering a straightforward pricing model. For each executed order, they charge a flat brokerage fee of up to Rs 20 across all trading segments. Notably, Fyers does not levy any brokerage charges for transactions in the Equity Delivery segment. They offer their customers a variety of free trading platforms, including a web-based platform, a desktop trading terminal, and a mobile trading app, all developed in-house for user convenience.


    • Enjoy a robust exposure limit facility for enhanced trading opportunities.
    • Utilize our cutting-edge, in-house-built trading platform, the most advanced in India.
    • Access advanced charting tools powered by the TradingView platform for insightful analysis.
    • Leverage our state-of-the-art screeners and a range of valuable trading features.
    • Seamlessly integrate with trading APIs and other software for a customized trading experience.
    • Rest assured with our memberships in SEBI, BSE, NSE, and AMFI, ensuring credibility and reliability.
    • Take the Fyers 30-day challenge: remain profitable for a month and receive a full brokerage refund.


    • Open an account online for free.
    • Enjoy maximum brokerage across all trading segments, regardless of trade size.
    • Experience complete transparency with no hidden fees.
    • Utilize our in-house trading platform for swift integration of new features and services.
    • Access all trading software at no cost.
    • Manage all trades through a single margin account.

    9. Robinhood

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    Robinhood made a significant mark in the investing world back in 2013 by introducing commission-free trading, catching the attention of the public. Even today, they stand out by offering zero commissions on trading stocks, ETFs, and options, making it a great choice for those who prioritize cost-effectiveness. Additionally, their feature of fractional trading lets people invest with as little as $1. Over the years, Robinhood has transformed from a simple app attractive to beginners to a comprehensive platform suitable for a diverse range of investors.


    • Trade stocks, ETFs, and Bitcoin effortlessly using your mobile phone.
    • Enjoy a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.
    • Most transactions are fee-free, with a minor charge for Bitcoin transactions.
    • Transfer Bitcoin to and from external wallets.
    • Access fractional shares for smaller investments.
    • Opt for automated investing to simplify your strategy.
    • Utilize round-up features with the Cash App debit card.
    • Benefit from a debit card, cash management, and instant payment options.


    • Enjoy an easy and intuitive trading journey.
    • Say goodbye to trading fees and commissions.
    • Invest in fractional shares and dive into cryptocurrencies directly.
    • Access robust cash management tools and set up recurring investments.

    10. E*Trade

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    E*TRADE Web provides a wealth of features at no cost, offering live market updates, real-time quotes, insightful market commentary, analyst research, and helpful stock screeners. Within the dashboard, you can easily keep an eye on your accounts, build watch lists, access market insights, and execute trades, even involving advanced options strategies. The company’s commission-free structure and robust trading platforms are especially attractive to those actively engaged in trading, while newcomers can take advantage of a vast library of educational materials.


    • Trade U.S. stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and options without paying commissions.
    • Simplify your investment journey with E*TRADE’s streamlined ETF research, screening, and ready-to-go portfolios.
    • Explore a variety of managed portfolio options tailored to your preferences.
    • Opt for a traditional IRA or Roth IRA with E*TRADE, hassle-free.
    • Open a standard brokerage account or IRA with no mandatory minimum deposit.
    • Manage multiple financial aspects in one convenient place with E*TRADE’s range of bank account offerings.


    • User-friendly tools for a seamless experience.
    • Top-notch customer support for your assistance.
    • A cutting-edge mobile app to stay connected on the go.
    • Zero commissions on stock, options, mutual fund, and ETF trades.