Google Trends Data: Why is XRP So Popular in the United States?


Story Highlights
  • XRP is overtaking Ethereum and general cryptocurrency searches in the United States, according to Google Trends data.

  • The surge in XRP search activity is widespread across the United States, with specific regions like Iowa, West Virginia, etc.

  • The recent surge in XRP price, trading volume, and Ripple's Q3 2023 report suggests that exciting times lie ahead for XRP.

Google Trends data paints a clear picture: XRP is stealing the limelight in the United States, surpassing Ethereum and general cryptocurrency searches. In the past month, XRP has consistently outperformed the competition, establishing a solid lead in search volume.

What’s behind this sudden surge? Is XRP poised to become the next big crypto? Read on to find out!

XRP In The Lead

On October 24, XRP took center stage, achieving its highest search volume on Google in the United States. This surge in search activity signifies a growing interest in XRP, as highlighted by Google’s search data.

Google Trends data does not show any regional bias, indicating that the United States’ interest in XRP is widespread, not limited to specific areas. Remarkably, over 90% of Americans are showing a greater preference for XRP compared to Ethereum.

It’s fascinating to note that specific regions within the United States are spearheading the XRP search movement. States like Iowa, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, and Delaware consistently outperform Ethereum in search interest year-to-date (YTD).

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Reason Behind XRP’s Surge

Recent weeks have seen XRP’s price rally to $0.60, marking an impressive 25% increase in just two weeks. This comes on the heels of a record-breaking milestone with 277,620 wallets now holding at least 10,000 XRP tokens, a clear indicator of renewed investor trust.

Furthermore, XRP’s trading volume has surged by a substantial 57.66%, reaching a remarkable $2.19 billion in traded token value. This points to the increasing activity and transactions taking place within the XRP ecosystem.

Ripple’s Q3 2023 Report

Adding to XRP’s rising star status is the latest Q3 2023 report from Ripple, revealing impressive statistics. During this quarter, Ripple successfully sold over 892 million XRP. 

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However, it’s important to note that a significant portion of XRP, approximately 41.3 billion tokens, remains securely locked away in escrow. As XRP continues to captivate the American audience and regain its position in the cryptocurrency landscape, it’s clear that exciting times lie ahead.


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