Wallet Investor Review: How Reliable Is It and Is It Worth It?

 For all crypto investors and enthusiasts who focus on technical forecasts and try to uncover how to position themselves, analyzing technical forecasts for cryptocurrency rates could be the way to go. 

However, you may sometimes wonder about the accuracy of such a crypto tool and whether it’s worth it. This could be the case with Wallet Investor, an investment research platform designed to help users find profitable trading opportunities. 

In today’s article, we are taking a deeper dive into what Wallet Investor is, how it works, and most importantly, the accuracy of such a crypto tool to better decide if you should use it further or find an alternative. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What is Wallet Investor?

Wallet Investor is a hub for technical analysis of cryptocurrencies and other publicly traded assets. This provider has been on the market since 2017 as a powerhouse for cryptocurrency forecasting. Unlike most, Wallet Investor uses the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to predict the most accurate forecasts possible. Yet, a simple glance at the NPS score and Wallet Investor’s review tend to add a different perspective to this story.  

As we went the extra mile in offering you this objective review, we analyzed the pros and cons, users’ opinions and experiences, and what the tool is promising, allowing you to learn more about this crypto tool and whether it’s a worthwhile investment tool to use to strategize your crypto plan better. 

What Does Wallet Investor Offer You? 

As mentioned, this AI crypto tool offers an extensive crypto and stock investment platform covering over 100,000 assets, including stocks, ETFs, forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. 

By harnessing the machine learning algorithm, Wallet Investor predicts from 7-day to 5-year price targets for any assets, thus helping users find profitable trading opportunities. 
Aside from the forecasting, Wallet Investor has a blog section that acts as an academy that explains the most essential and fundamental aspects of the crypto sector. At the same time, it also brings the freshest crypto news for users to stay informed and make better investment decisions. 

Newbie cryptocurrency investors and traders will surely appreciate Wallet Investor, as it’s a straightforward platform with a seamless UI and UX design. There are a lot of beginner-friendly elements that are particularly useful in eliminating the chaos in technical analysis.  

Meanwhile, experienced traders can appreciate Wallet Investor’s advanced analytics and forecasting capability, and customizing the technical analysis and forecasting to fit a trading strategy is even possible. 

Wallet Investor Features 

To better establish Wallet Investors’ performance, let’s analyze its core features and take an objective stance.

Price Predictions

As mentioned, Wallet Investor uses machine learning algorithms to predict the prices of digital assets, covering stocks, ETFs, forex, cryptos, and others. The algorithm is trained to analyze historical price data. Yet, it does not consider the fundamental factors, such as the economic indicators, supply and demand, cryptos market cap, etc.

Wallet Investor Features

But as with any price prediction chart and analysis, the bounds are not defined, and it does not offer more information about whether the algorithm has high or low confidence in any one prediction. 

The Cryptocurrency Forecasting Option

Crypto forecast is the core product offered by Wallet Investor, whereby they present comprehensive charts and forecasts that provide plenty of insights, which could deliver a much-needed edge against the market.

The Cryptocurrency Forecasting Option

Yet, crypto users and investors should take these forecasts with a grain of salt, as any crypto tool prediction is just a prediction, not the only answer to the chosen investment strategy. 

Customers can also use the cryptocurrency converter feature, which could alleviate your strategy and make it easier to determine how much of one crypto is equivalent to another. That way, traders can kick out the complex equations as they prepare to trade. 

The platform also lists upcoming coin sales to allow early investors to cash in before the value of crypto skyrockets and it becomes expensive to buy in. In essence, Wallet Investor could help traders prepare their investment strategies. 

Their forecast for every cryptocurrency is extensive and comprehensive. Wallet Investor estimates their accuracy level in forecasting to be around 70%. Yet, users have differing opinions on this.

The Value Proposition 

Wallet Investor was launched to capture the demand for a high-quality, reliable technical forecast for cryptocurrencies but has expanded to offer the same for stocks, Forex, Funds, Commodities, and more.  

As such, any investor or trader likely to keep their hands in more than just cryptocurrency has much more to appreciate from this provider.

Chart Pattern Recognition 

By harnessing machine learning, Wallet Investor can also offer chart pattern recognition that recognizes candlestick patterns. However, it needs to go into detail or explain the strength of the algorithm’s patterns for more analysis, meaning it can claim anything with no greater detail upon which people would invest. 

Chart Pattern Recognition

Wallet Investor Free Vs. Premium Accounts 

Most users choose to get started with a free account, as this is a good option because it allows flexibility to test the information provided and integrate it into your overall strategy before upgrading to get more out of this AI-based forecast provider. 

The process for obtaining this standard account is straightforward. Besides, this is the only account you can have without signing up for Wallet Investor. 

The standard account allows you to see cryptocurrency forecasts for several days in the future. You can get anywhere between seven to 14 days of price forecast. As impressive as those sounds, it is nothing compared to the premium account, which offers an excellent deal for active traders and savvy investors.  
The provider allows you to tailor the forecast to your specifications to give you an idea of what the premium account looks like. That way, you can receive a customer premium forecast on top of the standard forecasting. This is an excellent proposition, particularly for anyone who wants to test their strategies and tweak them for optimal success. 

On top of that offer, Wallet Investor adds a 7-day premium forecast and chart pattern recognition, an advantage for anyone needing more time to identify them. As a rule of thumb, the premium account also comes with Ad-free. 

However, many Wallet Investors users had issues with the operational side of the platform, meaning that they’ve yet to encounter refund policies, advising also that Wallet Investor needs to respect their terms and conditions.  

So, as of this, be sure to extensively research the terms and conditions, the refund policy, and, more importantly, whether this crypto tool could be your partner in crime or the one that will shackle your gains. 

Is Wallet Investor Worth It? 

Anyone looking to take their cryptocurrency trading skills to the next level could use what Wallet Investor has to offer, yet it is crucial to take anything with a grain of salt and only invest what you’re willing to lose. 

The strength of Wallet Investor is its simplistic yet comprehensive display of technical information, which gives the user plenty of legroom to decide based on the projected prognosis. 

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