8 Interesting Facts About Lil Pump

If you haven’t heard of Lil Pump, that’s nothing you need to feel ashamed of. He’s an American rapper who hasn’t really made his name in the international charts yet, but there’s no reason to assume he won’t make it there soon.
Just in case you want to stay ahead of the curve and already have a few tidbits to impress your friends with, here’s some things you should know about Lil Pump.

His Real Name

Lil Pump is named Gazzy Garcia. Sadly, that is his actual name and not just another artist name.

His Age

Gazzy was born on August 17th in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2000. He’s got the youthful age of 19.

His Age | Brain Berries

His Biggest Hit

Lil Pump reached the mainstream audiences with his single Gucci Gang, which ranked as high as third place in the Billboard top 100.

His Biggest Hit | Brain Berries

His Legal Issues

Apart from being arrest for firing a weapon in a place where people lived, Lil Pump has also been arrested for driving without a license and for disorderly conduct at the airport. Remember, he’s only 19 so this list might reach some amazing lengths in a few years.

His Legal Issues | Brain Berries

His Net Worth

Despite not being in showbiz for very long, Lil Pump has already managed to have a net worth of over 10 million dollars.

His Net Worth | Brain Berries

His Education

Lil Pump was apparently admitted to Harvard University, but he – and I quote – dropped out to “save the rap game”. Harvard hasn’t confirmed whether or not this is true, and pretty much no one thinks that it is.

His Education | Brain Berries

His Hometown

It might sound like a bit of a stereotype, but Lil Pump was born to a Cuban mother and Mexican father in Miami, Florida.

His Hometown | Brain Berries

His Height

If anyone cares, his height is 5’6” or 168 in centimeters.

His Height | Brain Berries

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