30 Crazy Camping Photos That Will Make You Glad You're A Homebody

Camping is a love-hate activity. To some, it is a must-do activity laden with adventure and increased family unity. To others, it is a miserable excursion that involves no showers, smelly sleeping environments and a severe case of being out of your comfort zone.

Of course, the benefits of camping include being at one with the great outdoors. But even then, it doesn't always go as planned!
Check out our slideshow of comic and, in some cases, not-so-happy campers!

1. Camping On A Budget

Camping isn't supposed to be a glamorous affair, but this spendthrift chap took it to the next level by investing in a tent barely big enough for his head!
Still, at least he had an excuse for not sitting through a camp performance of "kumbaya my lord."

2. No Room In The Inn

If you ever want on a family camping trip as a child, you'll look back and realise how much work your parents did to make sure your needs were met- be it cooking from a tiny stove, putting up your tent, driving you around the local area- and this photo proved once again that parents always get the rough end of the stick.
Boys, ey? They're more interested in their bikes than the welfare of their mothers.

3. No Camping...

Campers probably weren't too popular in this part of the world after they blatantly ignored the small but clear "No Camping" sign. Whilst campers are known for being intrepid folks, this was probably a bit too much.
That said, the park’s directions could perhaps have done with a bigger sign.

4. Poorly Constructed Tents

What is it about things like these that whet our inner-demons and make us laugh at others' misery? A classic case of schadenfreude, campers really don't make it easy for themselves! 
I mean, if they're going to be adventurous and boast of being at one with nature, knowing how to erect a tent wouldn't be a bad start.

5. The Coolest Tent Ever?

Camping tents tend to be overpriced and pretty bog-standard, but this tent is one of the best you'll ever see! 
Holstered in the trees, a fold-out ladder connects this camper to the outside world. But judging by how cool it looks, we doubt she'd want to leave!

6. Lambo Camping

Lol Wot
This photo presents a juxtaposition we never thought we'd see: A Lamborghini in a camping site. While we're not suggesting that rich people shouldn't camp, it's probably unlikely you'll see a fancy car owner rolling into your local camping site anytime soon.
A shame, really, as it makes for a rather funny spectacle.

7. Watch Out!

Camping in the rugged wilderness sounds adventurous and cool for thrill-seekers wanting to engage with the world, but we're pretty sure they had the fright of their lives when this unsuspecting stranger poked its head through their tent!
I guess you could say it was horsing around... Onto the next one.

8. Extreme Camping

Shutterstock/Greg Epperson
People do some crazy things in their lifetime, but you won't meet many people at the dinner table who can boast of something as life-threatening as this.
An adrenaline junkie in every sense of the word, this man appears at peace with himself and the mountainous surroundings.

9. Room For One More?

The Vacation Times
Cramming into a tiny tent that probably only has room for one person is half the charm of this photo which no doubt spawns many camping memories from childhood.
Oh to be a wet, angst-ridden teen forced to go on a camping trip with your auntie Jane. Those were the days.

10. Never Trust Friends On A Camping Trip

Pranks on American road trips are commonplace, and it appears college students are no exception to this- if anything they are most susceptible!  While we feel kind of bad, it still makes for a hilarious photo.
I guess you could say they drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

11. Camp Master Chair

The Vacation Times
We're pretty sure this senior fellow is a titan of the camping industry. He's probably been on countless camping trips across the Midwest, waxing lyrical about the times he slept inches from roaming bears.
But does he really have to have a chair that high?!

12. Work Addict

Lol Wot
How many times have you been on holiday with a workaholic? Probably at least once, and it's darn annoying! When you're taking in breathtaking new landscapes, they're on their phone to their bosses, or worse, working on their laptop!
Some people, ey?!

13. An "Erect" Tent

We're all for honest marketing, but the team at this tent manufacturer clearly didn't think things through when they plastered this text across one of their tent's exteriors.
Still, for comic value, we're sure they saw a boost in sales!

14. Winning At Camping

Whilst this is mostly a slideshow of camping fails and reasons not ever to set foot in a campsite, if you're still going to go camping, you should do it in style just like the owner of this tent/makeshift bar.
We're pretty sure we'd be the first in line for one of these if they ever sold them in Home Depot. 

15. Camping Stoves....Who Needs Them?

When I think of camping the first word that comes to mind is makeshift. Makeshift sleeping arrangements. Makeshift toilets. Makeshift stoves. However, these poor campers didn't even have the necessary equipment to cook a basic meal so resorted to finding an abandoned trolley.
Whatever floats your boat. 

16. Tractors Don't Like Campers

The Vacation Times
Campers can annoy a lot of people, and if they happen to set up base on a farmer's precious land, it isn't going to be pretty.
Let's just say it didn't end well. 

17. Never Trust Friends

Like those two poor sleepers left floating in a lake, it appears young men and women planning a camping trick need to be well aware of pranksters! 
Just imagine the embarrassment this poor dude felt! Some friends, ey?!

18. No Satellite? No Problem

The Vacation Times
For TV lovers and the tech-addicted, a camping trip can pose a whole host of problems. For some, it might mean missing a few episodes of The Simpsons. Some might even have a breakdown over the lack of 4G coverage. But sometimes, heroes come along that don't always wear capes.
Just like this incredible genius. 

19. "Cheese!"

The Vacation Times
Why are friends so cruel?! Sure, they can engage in a bit of banter, but there's always one person in the group who takes this too far and acts like a total prat!
Still, we'd be lying if we said this wasn't kind of funny. 

20. Wait For It

The Vacation Times
To the untrained eye, this photo may look like another campervan with no wheels, but look again, and you'll notice a Chewbacca-like figure walking away with two tyres in his hands.
Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Internet, 2019 Edition.

21. A Different Kind of Junk Food

Okay, so we've had a trolley/stove, but this toilet-turned-stove is pretty much the epitome of camping basics. Even if it was sanitized and cleaned to within an inch of its life, this repurposed toilet probably still had a stink to it.
Let's just hope there was enough marinade on the chicken.

22. No Air Con? No Problem

Camping in the height of summer can't be pleasant, but some people always come prepared! Yep, these guys went to extreme lengths to make sure they're camping trip was both intrepid and comfortable.
Now, this is my kind of camping. 

23. Camping Fun

The Chive
Camping is more than just eating from ancient stoves and going number two in the woods.
Well, if you happen to own a cool dingy and camp in a part of the world with glistening lakes in the most pastoral of landscapes. 

24. When You Gotta Go...

Going to the toilet in a campsite is not pretty. You're either lucky enough to have on-site toilets or you venture into the woods and do your business in the hope a deer won't come across you and stare.
Still, for the seasoned camper, going number one or number two poses no problem whatsoever. Genius or gross? We can't quite decide.

25. Sandy Balls

How funny is this? We think it might just be the best camping photo ever as it allows us non-camping folk to feel even better about ourselves when we pass signs like these on our way home. 
Sandy Balls......Lord help us!

26. "Fancy A Coffee?" 

Shutterstock/ MPH Photos
From portable toilets and funny-sounding campsites to the downright frightening, this real photo of a camper coming into contact with a grizzly is terrifying beyond belief.
The real question is: What was the photographer doing standing so close?!!

27. "Victory Is Mine!"

This demonic-looking feline appears to have escaped from the inner-depths of Hell.
But hey, it's camping, so what did it expect?

28. An Unfortunate Looking Zipper

We've had an erect tent on this slideshow, and now we have a tent that looks like, well, it's better we leave it to your imagination.
Lesson learned: Make sure the zipper works and the tent isn't crumpled to within an inch of its life. 

29. Painful Memories Of Summer Camp

Remember when you had 8 weeks of blissful summer on the horizon only for your parents to turn around and tell you you'll be spending most of it in summer camp. Well, this reminds me of an adult version of summer camp and truth be told, it looks even worse. 
What were they thinking?! Create a human tent pyramid and become Internet famous? Oh yeah, that was probably it.

30. Camping: Doggy Style

Instagram/ campingwithdogs
Can you get a cooler-looking dog than this? Clad with a waterproof jacket, owners really do go the extra mile to keep their fluffy friends in the best possible condition.
Unfortunately, not even the lure of an adorable labrador could convince me to camp. And after going through this slideshow, can you really blame me?

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