6 Fiercest Female Warriors in History

For the longest time, the kitchen was considered a woman’s place, and their duties were limited to being a housewife and raising children. But even under these inhumane limitations, there have been women throughout history, who were forced by the circumstances to take up arms and protect their lives and their land. One could say they did a much better job than men!

Here are the 6 fiercest female warriors in history!

1. Joan of Arc

Even kids these days know about the legendary Joan of Arc. It is said that she had visions of the Archangel Michael when she was little, which eventually led her straight to King Charles VII. She was one of the central figures during the Hundred Years’ War. Joan had managed to keep the city of Orlean safe for 9 whole days, while it was under siege. After helping the king, she was still burned at stake. Almost 500 years later, she was proclaimed a saint.

2. Grace O’Malley

How about an Irish pirate queen? This XVI century warrior lady, known also as Gráinne Mhaol, inherited a lot of ships from her father of the Ó Máille clan. And you can guess what she used them for. That’s right, piracy! She was one of the most terrifying pirates in Irish waters. Her most hated enemy was Queen Elizabeth I, who imprisoned Grace’s son and brother. But when she sailed all the way to get the audience with the Queen where she was given the right to fight and plunder whoever she wants!
Grace O'Malley | 6 Fiercest Female Warriors in History | Brain Berries

3. Artemisia of Caria

It’s not a coincidence that this warrior lady was named after the Greek Goddess of the Hunt – Artemis. Artemisia was a naval commander in the 5th century BCE. She was also very tight with Xerxes, the King of Persia, and helped him conquer many Greek cities. One time she intentionally slammed her vessel into a friendly ship and made the Greeks think she’s one of them. Sneaky little hobbit!
Artemisia of Caria | 6 Fiercest Female Warriors in History | Brain Berries

4. Triệu Thị Trinh

Some call her the “Vietnamese Joan of Arc,”, but Triệu Thị Trinh was a badass long before Joan. About 12 centuries before the Hundred Years’ War, Lady Triệu gathered 1,000 strong warriors to rebel against the Chinese forces. Sadly, her story doesn’t end well, as she was captured and committed suicide soon after. Still, even in death, she managed to inspire the entire nation!
Triệu Thị Trinh | 6 Fiercest Female Warriors in History | Brain Berries

5. Nakano Takeko

Meet Nakano Takeko, who is maybe the only onna-bugeisha (female samurai) in the entire history of Japan. She utilized her amazing martial skills in the Boshin War (1868-1869). Takeko lead hundreds of fearless women into battle and used naginata (polearm weapon) to punish her foes. As with all heroes, she didn’t live long and was soon mortally wounded. Being afraid that the enemy troops will tarnish her body, she asked her war-sisters to cut off her head and bury it somewhere safe. It is said that the Hōkai-Ji Temple in Fukushima was built on that spot.
Nakano Takeko | 6 Fiercest Female Warriors in History | Brain Berries

6. Tomoe Gozen

700 years before Takeko was born, Tomoe Gozen was fighting in the Genpei War (1180-1185). A woman fighting in battles alongside brave men? Unbelievable! She was an exceptional archer and an undefeated swordmaster. After laying down her sword, she got married and lived a happy life. Eventually, she became a nun when she lost her husband. Well, that’s at least a somewhat happy ending.
Tomoe Gozen | 6 Fiercest Female Warriors in History | Brain Berries

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