6 Disney Relationships Beautifully Reimagined

I’ve seen many artists try to recreate iconic pairings from Disney cartoons in their own, unique artistic style, but this is by far one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s how South African artist Thaakirah Jacobs reimagined 6 iconic relationships from Disney cartoons in her own, unique and beautiful style.


What I love most about the art of Thaakirah Jacobs is her attention to detail in every one of these pictures. Everything from the designs of the shirts to the way the characters are standing is a direct “pull” from the classic cartoons. Sure, a lot of credit goes to Disney for giving us fleshed out characters, but at least as much credit goes to the artist for noticing them and depicting them so clearly in her illustrations.
Here we have the recognizable red color palette from the Mulan cartoon as well as well as the iconic way in which Li Shang is holding Mulan.
Mulan | 6 Disney Relationships Beautifully Reimagined | Zestradar

Little Mermaid

Of all the illustrations from this little series, the one that depicts Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid are my favorite. Here, too, I like all the little details. First, there’s the nautical theme of the shirt worn by Ariel and the anchor logo worn by Prince Eric. Then, of course, there’s the fork — a reference to one of the most memorable scenes from the cartoon when Ariel doesn’t know what it’s used for.
And just look at the way they’re both looking at that fork. They’re clearly laughing at something from their past, a moment from early on in their relationship that meant a lot to both of them.
Little Mermaid | 6 Disney Relationships Beautifully Reimagined | Zestradar


I love that it says “Cat Queen” on Jasmine’s shirt — a clear reference to what was obviously a dream pet for anyone who has seen the Aladdin cartoon as a kid. I know that seeing Jasmine’s pet tiger in Aladdin played a way more significant role in my life as a future cat owner than being the entirety of Lion King.
Notice, too, the Riff Raff shirt worn by Aladdin — a reference to the song “One Jump Ahead” from early on in the Aladdin cartoon. “Riffraff! Street rat! Scoundrel! Take that!”
Aladdin | 6 Disney Relationships Beautifully Reimagined | Zestradar


Ah, the iconic Flynn Rider shoulder from the cartoon Tangled. Is there anyone who wouldn’t fall for that? Probably not, but that’s still a pretty lame thing to wear on your shirt. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my pet peeve of couples with t-shirts that are clearly an inside joke.
And even though this picture is extremely sweet, the thought of how much hair washing Rapunzel will need to do after getting her hair covered in Flynn’s ice cream makes me anxious.
Tangled | 6 Disney Relationships Beautifully Reimagined | Zestradar


Pocahontas was never a favorite Disney cartoon of mine, but seeing this illustration has made me reconsider. Maybe it’s worth rewatching after all? I mean, the little raccoon is reason enough, but there’s also the beautiful songs!
I also think it’s a funny choice to have John Smith wearing Adidas sweatpants in this image because of all the Disney princes from all the Disney cartoons, John Smith was by far the most basic of all of them. I mean, with a name like that how could he turn out any other way?
Pocahontas | 6 Disney Relationships Beautifully Reimagined | Zestradar

The Princess and the Frog

This is one that I find most confusing. Of all the possible foods and beverages that could be chosen from the Princess and the Frog cartoon, going for a drink inside a pineapple seems like a weird choice. I mean, after all, Tiana is a cook! There are so many food choices! The fact that she’s a cook in the cartoon is so important that there’s even a “Tiana’s Cook Book for Kids” out there (Google it!). That being said, this reimagined new “look” for Prince Naveen is great.

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