12 Futuristic Technological Marvels That You Need To Own

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Thanks to increasingly shrinking microchips and advances in technology, the amount of data we create doubles every 2 years. This is a trend that isn’t going to end anytime soon either. Indeed, it expected to continue for at least the next decade. But the problem is that, although there is plenty of amazing new technology out there, it is prohibitively expensive. Not to mention the fact that there’s no way to predict how useful these products will be in a few years either because newer technologies will render them obsolete or because nobody ends up buying them.

While ultimately we can never predict whether these technological wonders will be wildly successful or simply collect dust in our closets, it is still worth highlighting their amazing possibilities. With that in mind, we present a list of 12 futuristic products that you should check out.

1. Roku Streaming Stick
Once upon a time, people used to watch TV on their TVs. But these days, most of us get our movie and TV show entertainment from our smartphones or PCs. If we want the full experience of binging on NetFlix from our 60-inch flat screen HDTVs, we typically have to connect our computer to our TV using an HDMI cord. Those days are over, friends. Thanks to the Roku streaming stick, we can stream video content straight to our super dumb TVs as long as you have a WiFi connection.

2. Samsung POWERbot R707​​0 Robot Vacuum
Say, when you’re vacuuming the floor with your low-tech, boring-ass Dirt Devil, do you ever think to yourself, “I hate my life.” If so, you’re being a bit overly dramatic. But there’s a solution out there anyway in the form of the Samsung POWERbot R7070 Robot Vacuum. For a mere $598.00, this technological marvel delivers powerful suction and can navigate around your house autonomously thanks to the company’s latest mapping technology, probably freaking out your dogs in the process. It can also make you dinner…or can it?

3. Petcube bites Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser
Feeling guilty that your Samsung robot monster vacuum cleaner is spooking the dog? Or just want to stalk Rex? The Petcube bites pet camera and treat dispenser is the answer. It comes with an HD camera so you can check up on your dog while you’re away and even fling treats at them! A new one costs just a little more than $200, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

4. Playstation VR Virtual Reality Headset
The idea of a virtually reality headset isn’t necessarily new, but until recently the whole VR experience was kind of lame. But Sony is changing all of that. Their Playstation VR is compatible with the PS4, creating a totally immersive 360 degree experience in which you feel like you’re in the game. The audio features are pretty amazing too, giving you the impression that you are hearing sounds from various distances. Plus you would sort of look like those Daft Punk guys. So another bonus.

5. DJI Spark Mini Drone
Photography drones are becoming increasingly mainstream. One of its coolest effects is giving you the ability to take pictures and record videos from a bird’s eye perspective. If you’re somebody who has money to spare and wants the best in drone technology, the DJI Spark mini drone is right up your ally. The camera’s state-of-the-art stabilization capabilities ensures smooth video recording. The price tag is $500, but the drone has the ability to avoid trees and other hazards, and is able to land without any issues, so the odds that it will turn into a mini kamikaze and crash into a building are minimal.

6. Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase
If you are a frequent flyer, then you have probably noticed that a lot of airports are surprisingly lacking in the electrical socket department, which means you are sometimes forced to resort to creative methods in order to get one, such as challenging other passengers at arm-wrestling. But with the Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase, charging your laptop and gadgets will never be a problem again. The carry-on sized suitcase comes with a USB port and for an additional price a zipped pocket for your battery pack.

7. Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera
Back in the 80s the Polaroid instant camera was all the rage. Sure, the film quality wasn’t particularly good, but at least you got to save yourself the trip to get them developed. Sadly, Polaroid discontinued the camera in 2008 after declaring bankruptcy for seemingly the millionth time. But the idea lives on with the Fujifilm Instax! The camera offers editing features that bring the concept of instant pictures into the 21st century.

8. Sengled Element Class Smart Light Bulb
In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb because screw candles and gas lamps! But as much of a genius as he was, Edison couldn’t have imagined that one day our light bulbs would get all smart and stuff. But that’s exactly where the Sengled has led us with its element class smart light bulb. If you want your bedroom light to be 50% dimmer or want a light in a specific room to be turned off, you could just turn a knob or flick a switch. But why do that when you can just boss your light bulbs around? For $10 a pop, they will obey your commands as if you were their overlord. Because you are.

9. Sony A1E Series OLED TV
Once upon a time, when you bought a TV you had one option: a box-looking thing that allowed you to watch shows in grainy black-and-white. Color TVs appeared in the 60s, but even then there wasn’t much of a difference between models. Fast forward a few decades and now we have HDTVs with a variety of specs to choose from. It’s gotten downright complicated! But if you want the best of the best, Sony offers the most sophisticated HDTVs to date with its A1E series. It’s super thin and provides a really high resolution and processing speed. The high-end models will set you back $12,999, so you might want to win a couple of lottery scratch off tickets first.

10. Tile Anything Finder
Say, are you one of those bozos who always seems to forget where you put your keys? Thankfully, the Tile Anything Finger is here to save the day! Misplaced your favorite spoon? Having a favorite spoon in the first place makes you sort of a weirdo, but anyway the Tile Anything Finder has you covered! It’s a bluetooth tracking system in the form of a tile that you stick on to your beloved objects and if you can’t find it you’ll be able to locate it using your smartphone and cry happy tears.

11. Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus Solar Panel
Ah, the great outdoors. Who among us wouldn’t want to escape from the stresses of the world and spend a quiet weekend in the mountains? Sure, but how are you supposed to upload all those “hanging off a dangerous cliff” selfies on Instagram and engage in Twitter battles when Mother Nature forgot to invent electrical outlets that grow on trees? Fortunately, the Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus Solar Panel has you covered! For $250 you can charge your gadgets and unfriend people on the go!

Okay, so Microsoft isn’t really offering something that could be considered breakthrough technology with its XBOX ONE X, but it’s more about the fact that the company has decided to upgrade its current game console rather than ditch it altogether and force its customers to move on to the next generation system. The processing speed, the storage capacity and the overall power of the XBOX ONE X make it the best on the market.

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