10 Already Existing Gadgets Straight from Sci-Fi Books

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Source: zestradar.com
Our brilliant scientists keep coming up with really cool inventions that can turn our boring existence into an exciting adventure, right here and now. Devices for reading someone’s thoughts, self-driving cars, cybernetic contact lenses – these and many more inventions are no longer a doohickey from some sci-fi novel, but are actual real things you can buy.

Here are 10 already existing gadgets ripper straight from your favorite sci-fi books!

1. Sigmo Universal Translator
For mere 50 bucks you can have your own personal and portable language translator!

2. Waymo – Self-Driving Cars
Sick of those chatty Uber drivers pestering you all the time? Hop into the Waymobile and forget your troubles!

3. Augmented Contact Lenses
Have you heard of Google Glass? Yes, this is basically the same concept but smaller, faster and more awesome. Imagine looking for por- ehm, I mean funny cat videos undisturbed!

4. Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano-Drone With GPS Auto-Follow
This bad boy with a 4K camera can follow you using GPS. It’s a perfect recon drone.

5. Knops – The Volume Button for Your Ears
Imagine being able to mute your surroundings, or make everything louder, if you so desire. That’s like the best superpower to have while commuting to the office.

6. Invisibility Cloak
A Japanese inventor somehow managed to create a nearly perfect invisibility cloak. It didn’t go unnoticed!

7. Samsung Family Hub 2.0 – Smart Fridge
A perfect smart fridge would always be full of beans, beef jerky, and beans, but this one will do for now.

8. Toto’s Floating Tub – Zero gravity bathtub
I’ve always wanted to experience zero gravity, and this may be my only chance. I have no idea how this tub works but I really want it!

9. FoldMate
Sick of folding your own shirts? Yeah, I don’t fold mine either, but I would give it a try if I had this little device, that can also dry them out for you.

10. AlterEgo
Reading people’s thoughts has always been one of those abilities, that people would kill for. Well, not you can just buy AlterEgo and peek inside your friend’s head! I’ve no idea how and if it works, but the prototype looks promising.

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