7 Insane Gadgets That Give You Superpowers

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As much as I want to be Tony Stark and get to fly into space in one of his Iron Man suits, it ain’t happening. But if I start a Go Fund Me page and people decide to give me a lot of money-dollars, I’ll be one step closer to becoming a real superhero! How? Well, you know what they say – “money is the best super power”. If I had a few million to spare, I’d definitely buy me some big boy toys.

Alright, time to suit up! These are 7 insane gadgets that give you superpowers!

1. Bulletproof suit
This super-light suit made of carbon nanotubes will make you both stylish and (mostly) bulletproof!

2. Seek Thermal XR Camera
Being able to see in the dark and though walls has always been a problem for me personally. You bump into things, stub your toe, fall on a sleeping cat, and get your face clawed all because you really wanted to go to the bathroom at night. But what you didn’t know is that the bathroom was already occupied. No more of that nonsense! With the Seek Thermal XR you can turn your smartphone into an X-ray vision device that will let you see through doors, walls, trees, etc.
3. Pyro Mini Flamethrower
Playing with fire is dangerous, but what if you had a safe way to control the flame and shoot actual fireballs from your hand? Enter the Pyro Fireshooter! This nifty mini flamethrower will allow you to launch four majestic balls of fire from your wrist, although, just to be safe, have a bucket of water on standby.

4. X-Jets Jetblades
These $6,000 Jetblades will allow you to fly above lakes, rivers, or even the ocean, for as long as the pump works. I mean, you’re basically Iron Man if he used water to propel himself… I guess then he’d be Water Man?

5. Kuratas Human-Ride Robot
Have you seen Pacific Rim? Well, Kuratas is nothing like that, really. It’s a 12-foot-tall robot with a person inside, who controls its every step. Sadly it’s very slow, but at least you can put any number of weapons on it.

6. Kangoo Jumps
With Kangoo Jumps you’ll be able to jump like a … Kangaroo. Wow, this was easy to explain. Be aware, however, that you’ll look like a total dork wearing these.

7. Power Body Armor
Of all the cool gadgets on this list I like this exoskeleton the best, as it would allow me to become a real-life Hulk. Cyberdyne’s HAL suit is both offensive and defensive tech. On the one hand your strength goes up, and on the other hand, you’re protected from all sorts of physical damage. Oh, ant, here’s the best part – you’re basically operating the suit with your thoughts! This would’ve been an insta-buy for me.

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