Top 8 Boy Bands Of All Time


No matter what kind of music you listen to, you can’t deny the importance of boy bands. They create the biggest hits, they have millions of fans all over the world, they have the power to shape generations of people. There have been quite a lot of boy bands through the years, but today we thought we’d mention just the top ones.  


No one could’ve predicted their success. We’re used to American and British boy bands. But BTS came from Korea and took over the world. They sell out the biggest stadiums and arenas all over the world. The language barrier? Never heard of it. Their impeccable appearance, their constantly changing image, their flawless singing, their mind-blowing choreography – it all works together so perfectly. 

BTS  | Top 8 Boy Bands Of All Time | Zestradar

One Direction

If there’s one good thing that came out of the X-factor – it’s the creation of this band. They started out as five adorable teenage boys, with great voices and very memorable personalities. Their combined charisma took over the world and won their fan’s hearts. One Direction was the most popular boy band of modern-day, up until the day they broke up. But hey, now they have individual careers, but as we all knew, Harry Styles is still the best of the bunch. 


These guys made the 90s a very fun time for music. No wonder they got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, they shaped the 90s. It’s thanks to NSYNC that we have the gem that is Justin Timberlake and his solo career. While he’s come far since his boy band years, we will always cherish that ramen hairdo he used to rock. And of course, every year in May we’re going to blast “It’s gonna be me” by NSYNC. 

NSYNC  | Top 8 Boy Bands Of All Time | Zestradar

Take That

Take That have had more number ones in the charts than we care to count. Their songs were catchy as hell, their performances were incredibly entertaining, and miraculously they’re still around. Except it’s just 3 of them instead of the original 5. It’s the band that started the career of Robbie Williams, who we still think is the British King of Pop. 

Take That  | Top 8 Boy Bands Of All Time | Zestradar

Backstreet Boys

They were cheesy in the 90s and they’re still cheesy today, but you can’t deny that this boy band is legendary. Can you imagine any 90s themed night without Backstreet Boys hits like “Everybody” or “I Want It That Way”? That’s what we’re talking about. They’re still active and doing performances and if you want to see them, Las Vegas is your best bet.

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Westlife was iconic. They were the biggest boy band of the 2000s. They are a blueprint for every boy band that came after them. They sold over 50 million records and they’ve had 14 number ones in the charts. They are essentially the golden standard of boy bands.

Westlife  | Top 8 Boy Bands Of All Time | Zestradar

The Jackson 5

Would we have Michael Jackson without The Jackson 5? We doubt it. Despite their history, this band remains the only one of their kind. Who would’ve thought that a family of five kids could be so talented and become so famous in the 60s and 70s? 

The Jackson 5  | Top 8 Boy Bands Of All Time | Zestradar

The Monkees

The Monkees are often cited as the original boy band because they were one of the first bands created by producers. They were just actors/musicians chosen to act in the show called The Monkees. They didn’t write their own songs, they just performed. Yet they became hugely popular all over the world, selling tens of millions of records in the 60s. Their song “I’m a Believer” and many others are still popular to this day. 

The Monkees  | Top 8 Boy Bands Of All Time | Zestradar

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