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Movie ratings are very subjective. It’s not really about the skill, effort and hard work that went into the movie, that counts a lot of the time. It’s all about people’s preferences and what most people liked. There are so many movies that were “all the rage” when they came out, and they’re still hailed as being “the best”, but once you rewatch them you realize they worked back in the day but no longer hold up in the modern day. Let’s talk about the most overrated movies of all time, but remember, it’s all subjective. You can still like the movie, whether it’s a masterpiece or it’s overrated.

1. Avatar

The only impressive thing about this movie is the work that went into the special effects. The visuals are beautiful and the special effects team worked their butts off making this happen. The movie itself, the plot, the story, the characters – all of this is incredibly predictable and borderline boring. You’re not going to leave this movie a changed human, it won’t change your worldview, it won’t give you things to think about. 

Avatar | Top 8 Most Overrated Movies | Zestradar

2. Titanic

The ship is nice we suppose, it does look impressive. The whole scene with the ship going down – ok, that’s cool. But the story? If you think about it, it’s just a story of a rich lady having a fling with a poor guy, because they were stuck on a ship together and she was bored with her classy life and being poor seemed more fun to her.

Titanic | Top 8 Most Overrated Movies | Zestradar

3. Star Wars

Speaking of the most overrated movies of all time, this one definitely is. We get it, lightsabers make funny noises and some people think they’re cool. However, the whole plot of that movie is so simplistic and so predictable. Darth Vader is a caricature of an evil guy, Yoda is hilarious and Jedi and their weird rules about higher ground are just laughable. 

Star Wars | Top 8 Most Overrated Movies | Zestradar

4. Citizen Kane

Every single film snob will tell you that you have to watch Citizen Kane, but honestly, don’t bother. The movie is fine, the camera work for that time is kind of innovative, but it doesn’t hold up in 2020. In fact, it hasn’t been that impressive for half a century now. The movie is 3 hours long and that’s too long to suffer for something that’s just fine. 

Citizen Kane | Top 8 Most Overrated Movies | Zestradar

5. Black Swan

Both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis probably spent a lot of time practicing ballet moves and getting into that ballerina shape, but was it worth it? We’re not so sure. Darren Aronofsky might’ve been considered a crazy genius at one point, but by now we all know better. He’s just eccentric, but there’s nothing truly genius about his movies. The editing of this movie is not unlike a bad horror movie, the story is predictable and any attempt at metaphor is so obvious it hurts. You call this art, really?

Black Swan | Top 8 Most Overrated Movies | Zestradar

6. Birdman

That movie is a massive Hollywood circle jerk. No wonder the Academy liked it so much. It would’ve been fine, some people are into that. But the fact that it won the Best Picture Oscar that year and Whiplash didn’t, makes us as mad as Kanye was that year Taylor Swift won the best video at the VMA’s and Beyonce didn’t.

Birdman | Top 8 Most Overrated Movies | Zestradar

7. American Pie

Is it a good comedy? Hell no. But if you’re 12 you’ll probably love it. It’s one of the stupidest movies of all time. It’s actually confusing how that movie got so big and why did they make three more American Pie movies. It’s frat-boy humor taken to the extreme and no one needs that in their life.

8. Scarface

We love Al Pacino, but this movie is so overrated. We get that it’s just meant to be a gangster classic, but it’s so violent and the plot is kind of weak. “Say hello to my little friend” has been quoted out of context so much, it’s just a joke at this point. Just watch the Godfather instead. 

Scarface | Top 8 Most Overrated Movies | Zestradar

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