8 TV Relationships That Made No Sense


There are certain TV couples that seem like a perfect match. Jim and Pam from The Office, Cory And Topanga from Boy Meets World and Lorelai And Luke from Gilmore Girls come to mind. They have perfect chemistry and personality traits that work so well. On the other hand, there are couples that make absolutely no sense. It could be that they’re polar opposites, or perhaps there’s another character on the show who would seem like a more logical choice. Here are 8 such pairs who make us collective scratch our heads

1. Joey and Rachel, Friends

When these two started dating, there were a whole lot of Friends fans who were completely baffled, especially when so many were rooting for Ross and Rachel to get together. It all started with Joey getting increasingly flirtatious with Rachel, and it reached its peak when she misunderstood his intentions and thought he was proposing to her — and she responded with yes! But it ultimately wasn’t meant to be. They realized they weren’t right for each other and returned to their platonic friendship.

2. Sam and Diane, Cheers

For this one, you have to go back around three decades. But Cheers is a legendary show, so why not? Sam and Diane were literally slapping each other, and it seemed that the only thing keeping their relationship going was the constant drama and quarrels. As a matter of fact, the first time they kissed was when they were in the middle of an explosive argument. Yeah, that’s a perfectly healthy way to become a couple, right? Although they remained together for a sizable portion of the show, they eventually broke things off.

3. Dan and Blair, Gossip Girl

If you watched Gossip Girl religiously and consider yourself a gambling man/woman, would you have put money on Dan and Blair becoming an item? Clearly Dan himself wouldn’t have. He is a man of modest means while Blair lives a snobbish, privileged life of a Manhattan socialite. Dan even once described Blair as “everything (he) hates about the Upper Eastside.” But something about being arch nemeses must have led to a spark because they give their relationship a shot. In the end, it didn’t work out and they went back to hating each other.

4. Jay and Gloria, Modern Family

Let’s clear something up beforehand: relationships in which there is an age gap are not doomed to fail. There are plenty of examples of successful couples in which the younger of the two is something of an “old soul” and the older is “young at heart.” The problem in the case of Jay and Gloria is that neither of them exhibit any qualities that would make them compatible even when you ignore the 26-year age gap. They don’t even have any similar hobbies or interests that would allow their relationship to grow. There’s simply nothing realistic about this couple.

5. Alan and Kandi, Two and a Half Men

This is another relationship that defies logic. Alan is a loser and freeloader who depends on his brother for financial support. There’s absolutely no reason why Kandi would fall in love with such a guy. But, hey, things happen.

6. George and Susan, Seinfeld

None of the four main characters on Seinfeld can seem to do anything right, but when it comes to screwing everything up, George takes the cake. He can’t hold down a job or relationship, and he was even forced to move back home with his parents when he was in his late 30s. But inexplicably, Susan saw something in him that made her want to be with him. No matter how many times he tried to deliberately sabotage their relationship, she could never seem to go away. If not for the Grim Reaper, they might still be together. But, alas, she died licking toxic envelope glue. Not that George seemed to mind.

7. Booth and Hannah, Bones

If you were an avid viewer of the long-running crime/comedy/drama Bones, then you definitely never saw the relationship between Booth and Hannah coming. Booth had originally dreamed of being with Brennan, but when she turned down his overtures, he turned his attention to Hannah instead. Their relationship was full of conflict and it was clear it wouldn’t last. In a desperate attempt to save it, Booth proposed to Hannah, but she wasn’t having any of it.

8. Leonard and Penny, The Big Bang Theory

Penny was a beautiful blond bombshell. Leonard is a nerd way below her league. In fact, when he would observe her former boyfriends, it occurred to him that whatever they were, he was the complete opposite of that! Nonetheless, they fell for each other. However, the insecurities remained; Penny never felt like she was intelligent enough for Leonard while he considered himself too much of a geek for her.

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