Secret Subtleties You Missed in "Promising Young Woman"

 Under the sweet pretense of a juvenile film in pink and candy tones, which professes to be either a twisted satire or a spine chiller about vengeance, Promising Young lady is a significant assertion about society's mentality towards ladies and brutality against them. 

The primary character, Cassie, played via Carey Mulligan, is an alluring young lady, living with her folks and selling drinks in a fashionable person bistro, who transforms into a devilish vigilante when the city's lights go out. She goes to clubs and bars, claiming to be exceptionally tanked, and trusts that the potential hunter will hit on her so she could ultimately slam his head in. The plot looks pretty straightforward on paper, yet there are some truly cool secret subtleties you may have missed while watching Promising Young lady. 

1. Cassie's hairdos and outfits aren't arbitrary. 

You may think the film's MUA group adored their work such a lot of that they chose to change Cassie's hair like clockwork. In any case, actually, the hairdos were roused by different ladies she had seen getting attacked. It resembles she wears the life and enduring of the casualties to execute an appropriate retaliation.

2. Cassie’s default look was inspired by Brigitte Bardot.

Did you notice how she kind of reminds you of someone, but you just can’t tell who exactly? That’s because if Cassie had that tooth gap, she’d be a carbon copy of the fabulous Brigitte Bardot. And those luscious bangs clearly represent a shield that’s supposed to save her against the bad guys.

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3. The Joker look.

You probably figured this one out. Her cute clown-ish makeup is probably a nod to Phoenix’s Joker. The way she smeared her lipstick was one of the most evocative scenes in the movie. It could also be symbolizing the dramatic changes Cassie has been going through and a sign of her psyche breaking slowly but surely.

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4. The “supremely innocent” dress.

When Cassie visits the former lawyer, Mr. Green, who helped one of the bad guys slip through the cracks, she’s wearing this “Virgin Mary” dress, which helps her avoid any and all suspicions. He’s also the only one who repented for his actions, and it might have saved him from her wrath.

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5. Cassie was meant to look like an evil blow-up doll.

The makeup team did their best to make this scene evoke some dark thoughts and a lot of fear. Big white eyes, puffy overdrawn lips, and the colorful wig made Cassie look very intense, almost horrifying. There’s a certain Harley Quinn vibe to it too, which makes sense since she’s all about that women empowerment.

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6. Cassie’s horror nurse look.

That last scene almost looked like a horror movie! The stylists obviously tried to show off just how dark and twisted Cassie has become at the end of her journey. Those big eyes and the menacing kitchen knife give her character that unhinged quality. You don’t quite know if she’s off the rocker or if this all is just a dangerous game. But if you’ve seen “Promising Young Woman,” you know that it didn’t end well.

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