Seven Truly Cool Films About Berlin

 There's not many urban communities on Earth that have the social and chronicled importance Berlin has. It's been the point of convergence of numerous defining moments in Western Europe and still today it's perhaps the most astounding urban areas you can visit. It just bodes well that a city like that would be the setting several cool motion pictures, wouldn't it? 

We should investigate a few motion pictures that show you Berlin at it's best. 

Nuclear Blonde 

In addition to the fact that this is an astounding film, it likewise generally happens in Berlin during ostensibly its most fascinating second with regards to history: when it was parted down the middle. Furthermore, hello, this film is fundamentally John Wick, yet with Charlize Theron. Furthermore, it's a covert agent film. It's a happy time, simply watch it.

Atomic Blonde | 7 Really Cool Movies About Berlin | Zestradar

Er Ist Wieder Da

Imagine if the person responsible for World War II came back in our modern society. That’s basically the premise of this excellent comedy movie. And while we don’t really want him to come back, it is pretty hilarious to see how modern society could respond to Nazi propaganda.

Er Ist Wieder Da  | 7 Really Cool Movies About Berlin | Zestradar

Good Bye, Lenin!

This is the story of a woman that goes into a coma in East Berlin before the wall fell, and wakes up in a unified Germany. The doctors however, say it’d probably be best if mommy dearest doesn’t find out Berlin has been reunited, so her son (who becomes Baron Zemo later in life) and some of his close friends recreate East Berlin inside her apartment to keep her from the truth. It’s a movie filled with lovely shenanigans and honestly just a top class movie altogether.

Good Bye, Lenin!  | 7 Really Cool Movies About Berlin | Zestradar

The Bourne Supremacy

Jason Bourne ended up in Berlin a bunch of times during his quest to rediscover his past, but this movie is pretty much shot in Berlin altogether. In fact, even the scenes set in Moscow were filmed in Berlin. As for the story of this movie, I’m guessing Matt Damon gets himself caught in some sort of trouble again and gets chased by a bunch of guys that seem unable to catch him.

The Bourne Supremacy  | 7 Really Cool Movies About Berlin | Zestradar

Captain America: Civil War

Because not all movies showing off Berlin have to be about extreme political movements of Europe’s past! And while Civil War doesn’t take place in Berlin for longer than maybe ten minutes, this article can use some lightness so I’m allowing it. Go watch that movie, it has Iron Man fighting Captain America. It’s good old-fashioned cinematic fun.

Captain America: Civil War  | 7 Really Cool Movies About Berlin | Zestradar

Der Untergang

I mean, it’s movies about Berlin, they mostly seem to go back to the same topic. You’d almost think it was a defining moment in history and it happened right there. Anyway, this movie is about the last week or so of World War II, even including the actual bunker where the top Nazi officers spent their last days. The historic accuracy of this movie is amazingly off the charts, so it’s worth a watch for that alone.

Bridge of Spies

As you probably know, the actual bridge of spies is the Glienicke bridge, connecting Potsdam to Berlin. And since this movie is all about the legendary prisoner exchange that took place there during the Cold War, it’s nice to see that all horrible periods of warfare seem adequately represented in Berlin’s history. 

Bridge of Spies | 7 Really Cool Movies About Berlin | Zestradar

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