15 Hairstyles That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

 It's not easy for women to find a suitable hairstyle that makes us look young, vibrant, and attractive. We need different haircuts at different age stages. Here we recommend 15 hairstyles to inspire you.


1. Wavy Bob

The soft layer and relaxed wave adds dimension and emits a more youthful and casual fell.


2. Short Layered Stacked Bob

Short Layered Stacked Bob works on all hair types from thin to thick and from straight to curly. The hair is layered in the back with each layer looking stacked upon the next one. The angled line gives your face a tightened, less-saggy appearance. For people who like the “wash and go” haircuts, it's a good choice since the back will always stay neat and stylish.


3. Long Waves

Long Wavy hair gives a romantic, relaxed and youthful look. But to keep a haircut like this, you need to have healthy and shiny hair.


4. One-side Messy Braid

To make yourself look younger, you can chop up your hair or keep a messy braid. Though it seems like a hairstyle exclusive to younger girls, elder women can totally handle it by making hair in loose braid w flattering long soft layers for fullness and.


5. Long Straight Hair with Flowing Tail

It's sweet and fresh just like college girls.


6. Off-center Hair Part

Just try to jot your central part a little to the right or left, and leave some hair gliding casually. It works best for medium or long hair.


7. Side Ponytail

Tie your long bob in a loose side ponytail which makes you look elegant than a high ponytail.


8. Grey and White Bob

Grey and White Bob with long side-swept fringe makes elder women look both sharp, elegant and youthful.


9. Bouncy Blow-Dry

You can't go wrong with a Bouncy Blow-Dry.


10. Layered Bob

Shoulder-length is flattering almost for everyone regardless of their age.


11. Big Bangs

The long and thick bangs hide wrinkles subtly, accent the cheekbones and stand out the eyes.


12. Blended Pixie

If you want a shorter hairstyle, try a softer pixie cut. Compared to harsh pixie, a soft blended one says strength, confidence, and fun.


13. The Shag

An over-thick and dense shag can make a person look dull, while a thin one may lose the style. This kind of French girl-inspired cut is both chic and elegant.


14. Fringe Bangs with a Ponytail

Fringe bangs will give you a youthful look, and adding ponytail will double that feel.


15. Hepburn Chignon

Try to wrap your hair up and show your forehead. It's a beloved hairstyle by Audrey Hepburn for its vintage and formal elegance.

Source: appurse.com

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