Top 15 Laziest Dog Breeds Accompany Your Couch Potato Life

 It sounds fun to play with dogs. However, it will also be exhausted if you keep quite an active one. You may not like an energetic pup which cries for outings but one willing to snuggle and rest beside you when coming back home after a busy day.


1. English Bulldog

Bulldog, named as the "laziest king", fits the snoozing stereotype perfectly. Compare to the exercise, they like the good nap more. However, they need to stay health and keep figure through regular walks and play sessions.


2. French Bulldog

French bulldog is a little better than his English cousin regard of laziness. It's not the sleeping time but the playing nosie makes them different. He seldom bark and likes to work out around the block.


3. Havanese

With a cute face, the Havanese likes his social life including walks, exercises, and outings to make himself more fun. However, they don't mind snuggling the whole day on the couch since they may know that taking a good nap is the secret of keeping a good image.


4. Saint Bernard

As a giant breed, Saint Bernards require relatively minimal exercise despite his size. They can be named as the laziest dogs since they don't do exercises in both the cold and warm weather though with thick coats. Saint Bernard could be a great family companion due to their gentle temper.


5. Pug

Being playful and hilarious, the Pug doesn't make fun through activity. He would like to wander around indoors rather than to go outdoors since he is sensitive to the extreme temperatures.


6. Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel, born as lap dogs, like to stay in the cool indoor spaces where they can have a good nap at your feet due to small size. The nature of the Tibetan Spaniel is alert, curious, not lazy in itself though they like sleeping so much. They just take advantage of the sleep time to think about the "dog life" or sometimes find the joy of meditation.


7. Chihuahua

How to judge whether the dog is lazy? Of course, the body shape won't be the only measurement to define the dog's lazy nature, which will be explained by the smallest dog breed, Chihuahua. There will be no surprise that Chihuahua will be on the list for couch potato breeds since the most comfortable thing for them is to sleep for the whole afternoon.


8. Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin will keep this position the whole day since they were bred to be a companion and lapdog. They also need a daily walk every day. However, what they need to do is to be fully content sleeping next to their owner reminding them of the day and night.


9. Bullmastiff

The bullmastiff don't work so much despite they have great strength and large size. If anything, they love napping more than work.


10. English Mastiff

The English Mastiff would be the No.1 lazy dog if Bullmastiff gets the No.2 place. They only need minimal exercise in a day. Their abilities don't match up with their large-size figure since they would like sleep rather than guard. The English Mastiff might be a good option if you want a large breed rarely doing exercise.


11. Labrador Retriever

Known for his mild temper and outgoing nature, the Labrador Retriever choose to sleep and take the chill route if they face any unpleasant things in their life.


12. Pomeranian

With a baby face and small body shape, Pomeranian' hobby is napping and they manage to be catchy with their smiles on their face.


13. Basenji

Basenji, another lazy breed which is different from the Pomeranian because they do not care about their appearance at all. They just like to stay in the natural habitats to live out their true selves.


14. Beagle

Beagle becomes famous all over the world due to the Snoopy of the comic strip Peanuts. Similarly, Beagle also loves sleeping like Snoopy.


15. Cockapoo

There will be an average of 64.72 minutes for Cockapoo to keep active a day. Just wake them up to play the fetch game when you think they've got enough rest. However, you need to be careful of their bad tempers and please don't disorganize their sleeping schedule.


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