15 Signs You Are Far From Being A Girly Girl

 From a young age, girls often have a very specific form of femininity shoved down their throats, like playing with dolls or wearing pink. But not all women are born natural girly girls. Lots of us are tomboys, and relate more to guys than we do with this traditional idea of a girl. If you’re a lady that’s ever felt like a bit of a misfit, know that you’re not alone. Here are some signs that you’re definitely not a girly girl. 

1. Always sweatpants

For girly girls, this might be a staple indoors that they swap out for tights, skirts, or dresses. But as a non girly girl, you know that sweats are the most comfy, and are willing to wear them anywhere and everywhere.

2. Your hair routine is minimal 

You’re all about that no-fuss lifestyle. You don’t like fancy blowouts, a ton of styling products, or curling and straightening your hair. Instead, you like to keep things to a minimal routine, and the same goes for hair accessories like bows or barrettes. 

3. You don’t mind hanging with the boys

Some girls might roll their eyes at boys only wanting to play video games or get sweaty and play sports, but the tomboy will leap at this opportunity online the girly girl who would rather go get a mani/pedi or binge-watch Real Housewives with the girls. In fact, you’re a proud gamer chick!

4. You’re not a big fan of makeup

Skincare is one thing, but makeup? Even eyeliner — no matter how many Youtube tutorials you watch, you just can’t figure it out, and don’t really want to. Formal events are sometimes stressful for this reason.

5. No to high heels

Sneakers all day! Maybe a platform if you’re forced to dress up. Combat boots, running shoes, and basically anything that doesn’t involve you teetering around is your preferred form of footwear. 

6. It takes you little time to get ready

Other girly girls gawk at how short it takes you to get ready, but your routine is so low-maintenance, it sometimes even makes them jealous. 

7. Cheerleading is confusing to you

No matter how much someone tells you it’s a sport, which it definitely is, you can’t see it being your type of sport, in scantily clad outfits and with super feminine, sexy dance moves. 

8. You’re definitely not the girl to only order a salad

You’re willing to get into that hamburger or plate of nachos, and will probably end up with a stain or two and food all around your mouth. Food is a passionate activity to you, and you’re not worried about eating too much or looking ladylike in these scenarios. Maybe you can even devour an entire medium or large pizza — and it’s something you’re proud of. 

9. You’re down for adventure and spontaneity

Late night skinny dip where your hair might get ruined? Sure, why not? Impromptu hike where you’ll end up perspiring and covered in dirt? Bring it on!

10. Jeans and a tee are your uniform

You won’t often catch this kind of girl trying to engineer the ultimate outfit like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Instead, you’re all about comfy staples, like leggings or jeans, paired with a loose and comfortable t-shirt — no pushup bras here!

11. You’re not a diva

From going camping to dealing with scrapes and cuts, you’re not squeamish, and you’re not a princess about it. You’re not afraid to get down and dirty, and aren’t one to complain about the small stuff. 

12. You don’t have a huge group of female friends

You’re probably mostly friends with boys, or only have a couple of close female friends who truly get your tomboy essence and don’t try to change you into something you’re not. 

13. You don’t deal with crying or emotions the best

You’re not one to cry at the end of a sentimental movie like The Notebook. Instead, you actually kind of freak out when you have to face your emotions and end up crying, and others in your life know it’s a big deal when you do. 

14. You might not have a “dream wedding”

That thing where little girls swoon over magazines and cut outs pictures of their dream wedding venue, dress, and even details down to what kind of flowers there are? Yeah, that’s not you. Instead, you’re probably stressing about the fact that you’ll have to dress up at all!

15. You don’t love the color pink

Greens and blacks and blue might be your jams, but when it comes to pink things or anything frilly, that’s not really your personal sense of style. People probably tell you that you need “more color” in your wardrobe, but they’ll never understand that pink just isn’t in your ideal color scheme. 

Source: herbeauty.co

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