Google’s Possible XRP Ledger Involvement: A Game-Changer for Cross-Border Transactions?

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The XRP community has been buzzing with speculation that Google might have started running an XRP Ledger (XRPL) node. As of now, it is just a rumor, but if it comes true, will it impact XRP price, or is it the start of a new era? This notion was first raised by Edward Farina, Head of Social Adoption at XRP Healthcare, who shared a screenshot displaying a list of computers running XRPL nodes, one of which was associated with Google’s IP address and revealed Google LLC as the Internet Service Provider. 

XRP Ledger By Google: Cracking the Key Facts of the Rumor? 

Quickly, this created a social media warfare as many assumed that Google had joined Microsoft in running XRPL nodes, as Microsoft already operates one through its Azure BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) product. Notably, some key figures in the XRP community saw this as a potential game-changer for the crypto industry. Notably, it’s also crucial to consider that an IP address associated with Google doesn’t necessarily imply direct involvement. There are plausible alternative explanations.

The user might use a hosting service or cloud provider from Google, a common practice for running virtual machines and applications. Another possibility is that the user employs a proxy or VPN that routes their traffic through Google servers, which can mask their proper location for privacy and security. 

Furthermore, the user might be operating the XRPL node from a data center leasing IP addresses from Google or in a facility linked to Google’s infrastructure. While an announcement would typically accompany such a development, especially if it were Google, it’s important to note that not all crypto activities receive public disclosure. As of now, nothing can be confirmed definitively.

The Benefit of the Node: 

If implemented, it will ease cross-border transactions for limitless users. So we can rightly say that Instead of “Days and Dollars, it’s Seconds and Cents.” For over a decade, XRPL has enabled rapid, safe, and eco-friendly cross-border and cross-currency transactions.

Native currencies, DEX, escrow, and token management are its characteristics. Compared to 2022, XRPL’s new addresses increased 31.8% to 138,790. Quarterly sales rose 220.3% to $188,376.


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