LGND Music Introduces User Analytics and Metrics to Help Artists Understand Fan Engagement

 LGND Music, a global music brand, has recently introduced user analytics and metrics to its platform to help artists understand fan engagement. This new feature provides valuable insights into how music is consumed and helps artists engage with their fans better.

Innovation through Blockchain Ownership 

LGND Music is changing the game for music ownership and fan engagement by offering a new way for artists to connect with their fans. With the ability to purchase new music through blockchain technology, users will be able to own their favorite tunes in a new way.  

The digital collectibles, known as Virtual Vinyl, provide high-resolution versions of music NFTs and offer a new level of transparency and accessibility for artists and rights-holders. This means they’ll receive their royalty payments, and fans can re-sell their music, just like vintage records.  

In addition to purchasing new music, LGND Music users will be able to play their digital collectibles on any existing platform or blockchain, making it a one-stop shop for all music NFTs.  

LGND Music for Artists 

LGND Music is the best choice for new artists to gain a following and monetize their music.  

Virtual Vinyl is their high-resolution version of Music NFTs. It allows artists to connect directly with their fans and capture a higher share of the sale while ensuring that royalty payments are received and providing a new level of transparency and accessibility.  

The platform also offers bundle digital collectibles based on partnerships with artists, labels, and locations. These bundles could include meet-and-greets, backstage passes, and IRL experiences, providing fans with a unique opportunity to interact with their favorite artists. The platform will work directly with each artist, label, or management to determine what the offering should be and how they can create a Web3-based community of fans.  

Artists will have the opportunity to interact with their fans through the format they choose to drop music in, which could include limited-edition access passes that come with a variety of perks, including tickets, meet-and-greets, and direct interactions. Currently, LGND Music has exclusive partnerships with Warner Music and Spinnin’ Records, as well as many independent artists, with exciting announcements coming in 2023.  

The platform also offers the unique flexibility of owning both physical and virtual vinyl through its digital collectibles.  

Stay tuned 

Stay close and follow the project’s evolution on the LGND official website, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok, Discord, Youtube, and Facebook. 

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